Why am I struggling to Forgive?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?  I have and so have many people if they are honest with themselves.

The last few weeks have been trying for me, I lost my uncle and my dad had his appendix removed and during this time I was challenged by the behaviour of someone very close to me who knew what I had been going through but still acted very badly towards me. Continue reading Why am I struggling to Forgive?


The best cure for the blues

Today I woke up happy, with sunshine in my soul… it’s funny how it works yesterday I was overwhelmed but today I’m happy, I know that God must be doing something.  So I would like to share some of my joy with you, this method is the best way I know of creating and maintaining happiness and peace, you may have heard of it already it’s called wait for it… ‘praise and worship’ lol.  Anyway, the first is the song I woke up with in my heart and the second came after, I wish you lots of joy, happiness and peace today.

Love you all in Messiah.

Today’s scripture

Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing: thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness;  12To the end that my glory may sing praise to thee, and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever

Psalm 30: 11- 12 (KJV)

I hope you enjoyed that song, it always makes me feel happy 🙂  The second one is another favourite of mine.

These songs make me smile soooo much, God is so good…

A short prayer for you

May your lips be full of the dew of His praise, may you bask in the light of His splendour and may He fill you to overflowing with peace and joy.  Our God is soooo good, there is nothing beyond His capabilities.  Let us worship Him and sing praises to Him because He is worthy of our love and adoration. 

In Yeshua’s sweet name I pray.  Amen.

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He heals the broken-hearted…

I wrote the following post in August of last year, this is a post about promise.  God is a giver, He gives life, someone said it this way God wants to serve us, He wants us to eat of Him and feed off of Him, He is so hungry that we be filled up to overflowing.  If you are in despair today, think of God as someone who wants to lead you to those still waters and lush pastures, He wants to feed you with His goodness and by allowing Him to serve you, someway, somehow He also heals our broken-heart and binds up our wounds.  I can feel the difference He makes in me everyday, I am walking towards that land of promise.

Please take the time to read the post below and listen to the accompanying song and be blessed in Him.

Shalom in Messiah.

He healeth the brokenhearted, and bindeth up their wounds.

Psalm 147: 3

It’s another week for us all and I was thinking about what I would write, I thought today I could finish the second installment on what God had revealed to me about faith, but to be perfectly honest I’m not in that place to write about faith today.  I will write about one simple truth today, and that is Love, the Father’s love for us to be more precise.  Some people call it Agape after the Greek word found in the Bible, but as someone who taught the psychology of relationships in a previous life, Agape is just a word, used by people to explain a phenomenon, it has no soul, no essence to me, so I would rather not use that word to describe the Father’s love for His children.

It has been a very hard couple of weeks for me, I used to suffer quite a bit from panic attacks but since just after my MRI results in November I hadn’t experienced any panicky sessions at all, until 2 days ago.  What’s been happening to make me feel panicky?  Well, it’s been a gradual onset but I first began to see real signs after the London riots this month and there has been a lethargy that has crept up on me and a desire to not face the world has steadily grown stronger.  I know that this is the enemy, but nevertheless the battle is real for me, more real to me than the ones usually broadcasted everyday on the news.  There is a battle for my soul.

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