How to overcome Negative Beliefs that are Keeping you Stuck

We all suffer from unhelpful, negative beliefs but, some of us suffer more than is necessary.  Have you ever been in a situation where you had to make a life-changing decision and was faced with two choices: a bad choice which seemed like the attractive easy option and the best choice that looked tough to swallow. It might not be a life-altering situation in the sense of the heavens opening or life and death stuff – but you’d be amazed at how even the smallest choices that we make can have a knock on effect on the overall path we take.

In psychology, namely Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT) there is an argument that your thoughts will dictate your footsteps.  This ties in with Biblical truth, as Yeshua taught us the importance of our beliefs in co-creating our reality and then there is the favourite quote of Christian who favour CBT:

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. (Romans 12:2, ESV)

I have seen this truth in my own everyday experiences, the lies that we tell ourselves can easily become reality if and when we let them take root in our actions. So I’m really excited to start my Advanced practice Diploma in CBT shortly! (Continue reading)

How to overcome Negative Beliefs that are Keeping you Stuck



Why praying for breakthrough may not be enough to actually BREAK THROUGH!!!

If you are anything like me there have been times when you have prayed and prayed for something, deliverance or salvation in one area of your life but no matter how hard you pray nothing seems to be happening!

praying woman
Why is that?

I know that God has His own timing and that we are often placed in such situations to refine us, but that last point IS the key I believe to the answer.

This week I want to share a video with you, which will explain just what I believe one of the BIGGEST yet most OVERLOOKED reasons to a delayed breakthrough.

I would love to hear what you think, as this thought has been slowly gaining momentum in my mind for a while now.

So after watching the video, click on the link below it and I will see you on the other side.

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Shalom in Messiah

Soaring like the Eagle

This is the second part of my as yet unpublished book on experiencing Biblical Wholeness, you can read the first part here

eagle-and-a-yellow-decline-a-soaring-eagle-above-oceanA journey of healing that leads to freedom

As a Psychology teacher, teaching the psychology of stress was an important part of the curriculum.  I taught my students about the stress response, the causes of stress and how to manage it;  I even  joked that teachers have one of the shortest post-retirement death rates but I never stopped to examine my own experiences of stress until YAH gave me a wakeup call.

I can’t remember when it first started but gradually I began to notice that my general health was declining.  I seemed to be constantly falling ill;from colds and flu that made me take days off from work to being tired, agitated, angry and forgetting things, I began to notice that I was not ‘myself’ at all.   I cannot forget one incident where I even had to be carried away by ambulance men in the middle of the teaching day because I had somehow managed to sprain my back.  I was in the middle of class and I turned to write a note on the board and as I stretched upwards I froze in excruciating pain.

I could hardly move.

I turned myself just enough to look at my students quietly getting on with their work and said in a very calm voice:

“I’ve just hurt my back can someone go and get a first-aider!”

And guess what their reply was?

“Miss is this a psychology test?”

At that point my calm slipped a little, I guess it was the fear that I wouldn’t be  taken seriously, so through slightly gritted teeth I said:

“no, this is not a test I really am in pain, can someone go and get a first aider PLEEEEASE!”  and off they went.

That was me through and through, I was queen of calm back then and I thought it was a good thing but now I realise that it was  faulty coping strategy which actually cost me my health!  This was yet another example of continuously pushing my body and striving for perfection which negatively impacted on my well-being!  After a while, I began to experience muscle fasciculations and pain across my body, I didn’t realise it then but my body was talking to me telling me to stop and rest; unfortunately I didn’t listen. Continue reading Soaring like the Eagle

Speaking words that bring healing and life

Over the last couple of months, God has been speaking to me about the power of words.  This blog post marks the first in a series of thoughts and revelations on this topic which I hope will be a blessing to whomever needs it.

The Tree of Life Proverbs 15: 4

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

Proverbs 18: 21

The Bible teaches us that our words are extremely powerful and as such we should monitor our speech.  Just like the Word of God is creative and is seed, as the only part of creation who are made in His Divine image our words do the same.  Our words are both seed and fruit.

The parable of the Sower clearly testifies to God’s Word as seed, when planted in the right conditions and correctly maintained the seed grows into a tree that bears godly fruit.  Genesis tells us that all fruit contains the seed within itself; this means that godly fruit also contains seed within itself.  The seed enables the tree to produce its own offspring and for the cycle of sowing and reaping godly fruit to continue.

Finish reading the original blog post @ On the Road to Healing

Sharing my testimony of God’s goodness to me

Dear friends,

I know it’s been a while since I have properly been here but today I just wanted to come over and share this testimony with you all, the first three paragraphs are a short background and after that is the testimony.

You know that things have been tough for me both health wise and financially, I fell ill in 2008 due to excessive stress and work and left my job in 2009 partially as a consequence of this but would have probably stayed on if God had not asked me to leave.  I have worked sparadocially since then knowing that it is not God’s will for me ‘to work’ in the same field/role that I had been in.  In 2010 my hubby and I had our traditional wedding, a small intimate affair in my dad’s house and in the same year we lost our own home.  We moved ‘temporarily’ into his mother’s house as she was away for 6 months, when she returned hubby remained and I moved in with my dad.  This was the case until January this year.

In around February/March hubby began to experience strange symptoms (I won’t go into the details) but we were worried, he was on antibiotics for a bit, went to A & E and even was referred to a specialist.  Slowly, hubby began to hear God asking him to “come out of her” ie. the slave system of the work he had been doing.  He was working so many hours, trying to be a man of excellence and integrity but the more he gave never seemed to be enough, in fact his co-workers became jealous of his success and started to plot against him.  After taking nearly a month off due to illness, he finally accepted that God wanted him to leave his place of employ and start his own company.  So he did.

My husabnd’s last pay package came in, we used it to set up the company and live.  We felt so sure that the business would be successful from start as many of his previous clients on hearing that he had left asked him to contact them, but every door we had previously thought would lead us to a fertile plane had a no entry sign on.  It seemed that financially we were in a tight spot, we only had £30 left to go on food and electricity.  We had two choices in front of us:

  1. Try and do something to bring in money e.g. work, beg or borrow.
  2. Trust in God in what He was teaching us and showing and see whether He really is El Shaddai

We decided to do the latter.

The testimony Continue reading Sharing my testimony of God’s goodness to me

Commitment and Covenant: Covenant Healing

Commitment and Covenant: covenant healing

The last few days have been very difficult for me in so many ways, sometimes I’ve wanted to step out and do something when God has told me to leave it, let go and trust Him, at other times I’ve wanted to just give up because all the waiting and the hoping seems so futile against the agony of reality.  But there is something that keeps me on the path that God has laid out for me and that is His promise to me and my acceptance of that promise; He has whispered something into the depths of my heart a promise of something to come and in return I am asked to follow Him and stay on that path and He will lead me there.  I have desired this thing for so long, but it’s never been something I’ve been committed to work for, it has always been like a hazy dream somewhere in the distance, something that could or would happen when all the broken pieces of my life were made whole, so why now?  What has caused the haziness to solidify into something more substantial, more real that causes me to step out in faith and obey?  Two things, He has given His word and I have accepted it. Continue reading Commitment and Covenant: Covenant Healing

A Prayer of Spirit and of Faith – part 2 (Yeshua)

In the first part of this post I wrote about the importance of having a strong prayer life but with a particular emphasis on praying in spirit and in faith.  There are many forms of prayer which is evident within the Bible, from the Lord’s prayer to Hannah’s soul cry, but sometimes we really do need to pray as if we are fighting in a battle and that’s because we are!  As I mentioned previously I’m not too keen on casting and binding any which way, I feel that sometimes God wants us to go through a certain situation to strengthen us so it doesn’t matter how much we cast or bind as God’s will is much, much, much greater than our own.  However, I do believe that there is a way to pray effectively against the enemy whilst acknowledging God’s will and superiority in all things and a great framework for such a prayer is psalm 118.

Each morning I pray psalm 118 in addition to my normal prayers, I love the power behind the words but I also love the simplicity and elegance of the heart shown behind the words.  I think that this is a really powerful prayer that tells a story of a soldier on the battlefield surrounded by a multitude of enemies who remembers that he has a God who loves him and fights on his behalf.  The words of this psalm shows that David knows that God is on his side and that he can and will defeat his enemy because of this simple truth.  Next you see the battle weary soldier, walk up to the temple gates, through the gates is protection, safety, deliverance, rest, peace and so on… I have adapted the psalm for my own personal battle and it fills me with so much strength whenever I pray it.  I hope that it does the same for you  too.


Psalm 118

O give thanks unto YHVH; for He is good: because His mercy (love) endures forever. Let His people now say, that His mercy endures for ever.
Let His children now say, that His mercy endures forever.
Let them now that love and fear YHVH say, that His mercy endures for ever.

I called upon You YHVH in distress: You answered me, and set me in a large place.  You are on my side; I will not fear: what can the enemy do unto me?  You take my side along with those that help me: therefore shall I see my desire upon those that hate me.

It is better to trust in You O YAH than to put confidence in man. 
It is better to trust in You O than to put confidence in mighty things.

The enemy has compassed me about: but in Your name YHVH will I destroy them. They compassed me about; yea, they compassed me about: but in the name of YHVH I will destroy them.  They compassed me about like bees: but they are quenched as the fire of thorns: for in Your name O YAH I will destroy them.

You (the enemy) have thrust sore at me that I might fall: but YAH has helped me. YHVH is my strength and song, and is become Yeshuati (my salvation). The voice of rejoicing and Yeshua (salvation) is in the tabernacles of the righteous: the right hand of the YHVH does valiantly.  The right hand of the YHVH is exalted: the right hand of the YHVH does valiantly.

I shall not die or remain in sickness but live in health and wellness declaring the works of YHVH.

You have chastened me severely: but You have not given me over unto death or to illness. (He has not alloted this to me as my portion).

Open to me the gates of righteousness so that I will go into them, and praise You: This gate of the LORD, through which the righteous shall enter (Yeshua, Jesus is the gate (John 10:9) and this gate is now open to all who believe in and trust in Him bringing salvation to those who love and fear Him, so I will praise Him now!)

I will praise You: for You have heard me, and have become Yeshuati (my salvation – the One who Saves!).

The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner.  (The people of this world tell me that prayer and faith will not help me but I know that my healing is built on this stone, this Rock of Ages).  This is YHVH’s doing and it is marvellous in me eyes. This is the day which the LORD has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Save now, I beseech thee, O YAH: O YAH, I beseech thee, send now prosperity (health, healing and wellness).

Blessed is He that comes in the name of YHVH: we have blessed you out of the house of YHVH.  God is YHVH who has shown us light (or) bind the sacrifice with cords, even unto the horns of the altar.

You are Eli (my God) and I will praise You: You are my God, I will exalt You.
O give thanks unto YHVH; for He is good: for His mercy endures forever.


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Confessions of a Shopaholic

I don’t think I have ever come across one person who has not suffered with some form of inclination to idolatry, yes, even amongst Christians!  Idolatry, does not have to be overt worship of images but things that we turn to when the going gets tough in order to escape our everyday cares, or those things which we can’t live without or must do in order to make it through the day or feel better about ourselves.  I see  a propensity for false-worship in myself in the need to find comfort in various things instead of turning to God for comfort, whether it’s TV addiction, losing myself in a ‘good read‘ or comfort-eating whenever I turn to these things over going to God for help I have created an idol for myself.

woman holding shopping bags

It is this truth that first made me think about what I shall write below, even though shopping is not my particular achilles heel, I know that many, many people comfort-shop but is it more than an idle past-time?  I have tried to capture what I think goes through the mind of someone who shops compulsively, but I think this can be applied to anything that we do that we are drawn uncontrollably to.  As I wrote this I thought of my own struggles and temptations and those of someone I know personally who experiences this particular struggle on a day-to-day basis.

God Bless

Continue reading Confessions of a Shopaholic

Prayer Request

This post is a bit unusual for me in that it takes the form of a prayer request and a post (I guess) all in one.  Please read through and if you would join me please pray regarding this issue with me whenever you feel moved to this week.

Beautiful Giftings

Why is it that more often than not it is those who have the most beautiful gifting to minister to others that are held most securely in chains of bondage?

This thought has been on my mind since Sunday because I have a very dear friend who is in such a situation.  My friend who I will call LN, was baptised nearly two years ago and prior to that she had been ministering through her local church choir; her gifting is such that anyone who hears her ministering is moved to tears.  Now, as far as I am aware she no longer attends church and she no longer ministers but she is still singing but this time not for God.  She has been here before and it worries me because I saw how much it changed her behaviour and her attitude towards herself the first time around and hear echoes of it rebounding once more.  My friend has not had an easy life, she has many wounds which I can see are holding her bound.  She needs love and is being held back by fear.

I saw my friend this weekend and heard her sing, she has such a beautiful voice, I am so proud whenever I hear her.  I know that she also has a kind heart and excellent intentions underneath everything, and knowing this I was especially saddened because I know regardless of how beautiful the gifting and how excellent the intention it is not enough to enable us to stand in God’s eyes.

Why do we have to experience so much pain in this life?  Why do we have to carry around so much baggage and damage inside of us?  Why do we have to become lost before we can be found?  Why can’t this life just bruise and hurt us less?

When I think about the human condition I feel so sad, we are all so desperate in our needs and frailties.  We need to be loved and chase after love in all the wrong places.  We need to feel esteemed and look for status in the world.  We need to feel necessary in such an immense creation that we happily live a life bound in chains in order to fulfill this goal.  We all do.  Why?  Why do we try to achieve all of this through our own might and in our own way when all it does is push us further away from the one who can still all our fears and heal all of our wounds?

What God wants from us, what we need for ourselves seems to go against human instinct and understanding.  Our need for self-preservation, love and esteem drives us onwards when God is saying to us, “Stop!”

“Stop striving, stop trying, stop reaching and just let it go.  Give it all over to Me, trust in Me to heal you, to comfort you, to esteem you, to love you; believe that I know best and follow Me.”

So simple yet so hard.

This is a painful love that comes with giving your heart over to God, the type of love that is bittersweet.  Bitter in that it requires change and sacrifice that we may feel too stretched to give, overwhelmed because we may experience more pain than that which we knew whilst we were in the world but…

sweet too.  Sweet because overshadowing all of the above is a love so real and pure that to taste it is to feel your heart-break and heal again in an instant.  An acceptance so complete that you know that you have found your home.  A fullness so heavy that it can only be the weight of God’s glory living and growing within you day-by-day.  This is what I want for my friend, this is what I want for all of us.

Yes, the world may seem like an easier road to walk when we compare it to the sacrifices that God will ask of us to make.  But this world has no meaning and definitely no love except through Him.  I see more clearly my life when I look at my friend, that our fears and our desire to be loved so wholly, intensely and unconditionally is cruelly used by the deceiver to keep us bound in chains.  Today, this week I want to pray against this in my friend’s life, in my life, in your life; join me and pray.

I have written a short prayer and attached a reflective song which follows but please feel free to add your own words, reflections and even any initials you want prayed for.  Please also forward this post to others who may wish to join hands in this.  I would also invite you to read a similar post by my good friend Amy called Love from a Higher Perspective, her post really did speak to me particularly in this situation.

Many Blessings



Dear Father,

Please have mercy on LN and all others joined in this prayer in one accord. Please show us that You are God and that before You there is no other.  Lord God, let us see that You are the Way, the Truth and the Life and that without You all routes lead to death and destruction.

Lord, let us know that You are the Eternal Comforter and Lover of our soul.  That there is no love greater or stronger than the love that You have for Your children.  Lord, I pray that You will fill us up with hope, eternal hope in You which will bring about fruitfulness.

Lord, I pray that You will bear us up in the midst of the storms that we face, so that when all is said and done, we may live and stand to glorify You.

Lord, may it please You to answer this prayer and bring life where there is death.

In Yeshua’s Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.


Living for Your Glory by Tim Hughes

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Overcoming a bad day

Saturday was a bad day for me; I spent most of it being angry, angry with God and angry at life. I knew that my feelings were wrong; I knew that my emotions were harmful to me but even though I knew this I didn’t care.  I wanted to wallow in my feelings, I felt that my emotions were justified and even though I could hear the Lord speaking to me concerning them I chose to ignore him and harden my heart towards Him instead.  I was moody and snappy and watching my husband’s joy irritated me and observing his dancing to the Lord annoyed me and I felt that the words of the song he was listening to were hypocritical after all, how could anyone be “bouncing in the Lord every day?!?”

I knew that if I was to stop and listen to the Lord and open myself up even just a little, He could turn my sorrow into gladness.  But I felt that to do this would be a lie, and that any gladness I felt would only be mirage, camouflaging the monotonous and desperate reality that was my life.  I didn’t want that, I wanted God to make everything better not to placate me and say “there, there now, everything will be okay.”  I was fed up with everything.

Shabbat ended, I hadn’t shared communion with my husband and I went upstairs to have it alone.  Placing my scarf over my head, I began to speak to Lord simply and in a very few words telling Him that I found it hard to speak to Him at the moment and that I felt numb towards Him and angry about the state of my life.  Very shortly afterwards He gave me a song to sing called Eleicha Yeshua by Karen Davies, I began to meditate on the words to this song as I didn’t know the words (the majority being in Hebrew).  I played the song on my MP3 and listened and sang along instead (see link below to hear song).  I must have listened and sang along to 3 or 4 songs in total, each one praising and glorifying God and during this process I felt God’s joy enter into my heart bit by bit until I was so full of His joy and happiness that my negative emotions, the accompanying thoughts and the conviction that my feelings were justified became a thing of the past.

Even though I didn’t want to feel happy, God had found a way to bring peace and joy once more regardless and I felt ready in myself to partake in communion.  As I write about it now, it reminds of a prayer that a friend of ours used to say which I sometimes say also, “Lord, never let me go, always bring me back to you even if I don’t want to come back to you.”  And when I think about this prayer, I know that I have chosen to bind myself to the Lord come what may and so I continue to pray as the psalmist  does, in times of strength in lieu of those times when I will be too weak to I pray these words…

 From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

Psalm 61:2 KJV

Please listen to this beautiful song by Karen Davis Eleicha Yeshua