Experiencing healing when we overcome darkness

journey from darkness into God's healing light

This is the third post on the revelation of light and healing or healing light that God has been opening up to me, you can find the first two posts by clicking on the links below:

  1. God is Light
  2. Light in the Bible

This post steps away from the light for us to begin to understand light as a contrast to darkness and how this effects our overall well-being, this post arose out of my own experiences and I believe that I am called to share what I am learning with others so that we can all learn to walk more

journey from darkness into God's healing light
artwork by Rita Loyd

in the light.

Overcoming darkness (part 1)

Not only do we have to battle the darkness present in this world but we also have to battle against the internal darkness, many Believers think and feel that they are OK and that they don’t need healing and/or deliverance but this is a lie, a manifestation of arrogance and pride that empowers Satan to hold us bound and captive.  The Bible tells us the following:

If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.

1 John 1: 8-10

Nevertheless, I believe that our focus should not be on the fact that we do sin but on the fact that we do have One who can deliver us from our inherent sinful nature.

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Free Christian well-being encouragement ebook

 Dearest Brother/Sister in Messiah,

I’m excited today to tell you that the new On the Road to Healing ebook is now available, it’s taken me a lot longer than I planned but it just goes to show that God is truly the Master planner not I, but… it is now finally completed and ready for download.

What is it all about?

Well, I know from personal experience that when you are dealing with chronic health problems or spiritual/psychological well-being concerns you can feel like you have no life and many times it’s so easy to give in to the fear that seems to be lurking in the shadows. There is only one thing that conquers fear and that is faith. But how do we acquire the faith to hold on, hope and believe in the midst of trials and troubles? And is faith really the key for us to unlock the blessings of life that God has promised for us?

This 110 page ebook is an amalgamation of the first and second editions of On the Road to Healing . The first edition is full of encouragement for those who have questions on the journey whilst the second focuses on the question of faith on our healing journey. Join everyday Believers just like you, who have contributed to this booklet by sharing their footsteps, their highs and lows, their triumphs, revelations and testimonies. You are bound to come out more encouraged, invigorated and equipped in your own walk by meeting with us on our road to healing.

Download the ebook by clicking on the image of the front cover below.

On the Road to Healing Free ebook

Where does healing come from?

Man praying in the Light

Health, healing, and wholeness – I find it strange how different Christians react to these words.  For some these words cause a positive reaction to others negative, but whatever our stance we can not argue the fact that the Bible speaks about health, healing and wholeness.  But what is healing and where does it come from?

I know that there are still many people who visit this blog searching to understand why they suffer from Cramp Fasciculation Syndrome a neurological immune disorder where the immune system attacks the nervous system causing pain, cramping and spasming in the muscles surrounding the peripheral nerves.  It’s a horrible illness, but as I sat and looked over the stats for the last few days and saw that there didn’t seem to be a day when someone didn’t end up on my blog because of this disorder I realised something that I AM getting better!  This is what sparked off this post, I wanted to share my experiences of what I feel is healing me. Continue reading Where does healing come from?

What does the bible mean by abundance/fullness of Life?

A rise in prosperity teaching within the Body of Messiah has comfused people to what the Kingdom of God actually is and what it looks like.  In over-emphasising the physical the enemy ensures that our spiritual senses remain dull so that we are not able to enter into the TRUE promises of fullness and abundance of life promised to us by the Messiah.

This video explores what I believe is true abundance and fullness of life and I pray that it will be a blessing to you.

Don’t forget to follow my ministry website ‘On the Road to Healing’ where I share footsteps of the journey leading towards true healing and wholeness.  If you enjoy this teaching you will  also be blessed by what I share on this website.

Shalom in Messiah

He heals the broken-hearted…

I wrote the following post in August of last year, this is a post about promise.  God is a giver, He gives life, someone said it this way God wants to serve us, He wants us to eat of Him and feed off of Him, He is so hungry that we be filled up to overflowing.  If you are in despair today, think of God as someone who wants to lead you to those still waters and lush pastures, He wants to feed you with His goodness and by allowing Him to serve you, someway, somehow He also heals our broken-heart and binds up our wounds.  I can feel the difference He makes in me everyday, I am walking towards that land of promise.

Please take the time to read the post below and listen to the accompanying song and be blessed in Him.

Shalom in Messiah.

He healeth the brokenhearted, and bindeth up their wounds.

Psalm 147: 3

It’s another week for us all and I was thinking about what I would write, I thought today I could finish the second installment on what God had revealed to me about faith, but to be perfectly honest I’m not in that place to write about faith today.  I will write about one simple truth today, and that is Love, the Father’s love for us to be more precise.  Some people call it Agape after the Greek word found in the Bible, but as someone who taught the psychology of relationships in a previous life, Agape is just a word, used by people to explain a phenomenon, it has no soul, no essence to me, so I would rather not use that word to describe the Father’s love for His children.

It has been a very hard couple of weeks for me, I used to suffer quite a bit from panic attacks but since just after my MRI results in November I hadn’t experienced any panicky sessions at all, until 2 days ago.  What’s been happening to make me feel panicky?  Well, it’s been a gradual onset but I first began to see real signs after the London riots this month and there has been a lethargy that has crept up on me and a desire to not face the world has steadily grown stronger.  I know that this is the enemy, but nevertheless the battle is real for me, more real to me than the ones usually broadcasted everyday on the news.  There is a battle for my soul.

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Passover Cleanse update and step 4

I can’t believe I’m coming into the fourth week of the cleanse, I should be happy but there are a couple of things that weigh me down at the moment.  I have been in a lot of pain recently, yesterday I went to sleep in pain and today I woke up in pain, I’m at that point of scratching my head and wanting to pull my hair in frustration, why am I still feeling so bad?  The issue is that this time last year I was in a much better state (physically) than I am now, and I know there are probably a number of reasons why this could be the case.  Physically, I’ve not been as strict with myself on this cleanse as I ought to have been, the thought of doing this cleanse scared me so much that I changed a few things to make it more easy going this time around, I need to do this properly from now on.  Secondly, I feel that the more understanding and knowledge God gives you, the more He challenges you to apply His truth to your life, maybe this is another part of His oh so intensive refining process because I am that bit more stronger in Him.  I don’t know and that’s the killer. Continue reading Passover Cleanse update and step 4

Natural Healing

If you’ve read the My Story page for this blog, you will know that I started this blog based on God teaching me and leading me in treating myself with love and respect. Writing has been a journey of discovery for me  but the focus has always been on me, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with this per se but over the last few weeks I have been surprised by the number of people who have found my blog because they searched for the illness that I have been diagnosed with.   People searching for Cramp Fasciculation syndrome and associated words have been directed to my blog 52 times and my post on CFS has been read 85 times.  I know how debilitating this illness is and I’m not surprised that sufferers look high and low for how to manage and treat the array of symptoms that they present with.

Over the weekend and particularly yesterday, I felt that God wanted (wants) me to actively reach out to these people so I have decided to start writing about what God has been teaching me regarding natural health.  I’m not saying that I’m an authority on natural health or healing but, I have had a lot of practice with dealing with my own condition and I am still learning every single day.  So if you’re interested in finding more about natural healing and what God has been and is teaching me please look out for these posts.

Natural healingI am actually about to start an 8 week cleanse (body, soul and spirit) in preparation for Passover which I have dubbed the Passover cleanse.  I will write a bit more about this in a separate post later on in the week and will also document my journey each week step-by-step so if you wish to we can go along in this journey together.

Please do not think that all I will be doing is blogging about NH, I still see this blog as a way of learning to grow myself, so you will find a mish-mash of my highs and lows, meditations and revelations on life and the Bible here too.

Blessings and much love in Messiah Yeshua

Beneath the Waters (A Christian’s analysis of the Iceberg analogy)

According to Freud, the mind is like an iceberg, was he right in saying this?  I believe so.  Although icebergs are magnificent and eerily beautiful to behold, they are a real threat to sailors/helmsman simply because the majority of the iceberg (4/5ths to 8/9ths) is submerged under inky black waters and as such they have no awareness of just how big or wide the iceberg truly is.  The most important part of the iceberg is that which the helmsman has no awareness of, it is hidden from their physical perception, nevertheless the unknown truth still remains, there is something potentially destructive beneath the waters.

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Beneath the Waters (A Christian’s analysis of the Iceberg analogy).

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Urgent request – Free Kindle Booklet Download

Dear friends,

one of my goals for 2012 is to develop the Ministry that the Lord has placed in my heart, I have recently published the first I hope of many ministry booklets on Amazon Kindle and this weekend they are available for free!  I am trying to spread the word to as many people as possible as I am aiming to acheive 100 downloads.  You can help me to meet this goal by downloading the booklet and by telling others about this opportunity, I hope to make this offer available again in February (as Kindle gives 5 days of free promotion for Select subscribers) but I say, why wait?

The best thing about Kindle ebooks is that you don’t need an actual Kindle to read them, you can read them on your computer/laptop, Android phone, ipad or iphone all you have to do is download the necessary software via the Kindle website.

In a nutshell, the booklet contains poems, meditations and reflections on healing, health and wellness from the perspective of Christians who are seeking God’s healing touch in all areas of their life.  I know from feedback that many people have been blessed just by reading it and have had a mini dose of healing along the way.  If you are going through any type of health/healing crisis spiritual, emotional, mental  or physical I am sure that you will find something within the pages that not only encourages but supports and speaks to you were you are at now. Or, maybe you know someone who is broken, waivering in their faith or struggling on the journey, I know that this booklet will also be a great encouragement to them to know that they are not alone in their experiences and that God also has spoken to and is very much present in the lives of people in similar circumstances.

The Free download window is between 12.00am (midnight) Pacific Standard Time Saturday the 28th January to 11:59pm PST January 29th of January.  Please download a copy yourself and please tell others about it too (affiliate link).  You can also find more about the ministry by visiting the On the Road to Healing website.

I am also looking for contributors for the next edition of the booklet, to be released in early March so if you have have experienced God’s healing touch in your life in any way and would like to give a testimony or share a lesson you learnt in a reflection, meditation or poem than I would love to hear from you.  Or if you have experience of working with hurting Christians in any shape or form and you feel you could offer encouragement in the form of a prayer, reflection or hints and tips please get in touch with me.  I would like the focus of the next booklet to be on faith and the faith journey so anything related to this area would be greatly appreciated.

Remember, I am trying to acheive 100 downloads, so please download and pass on the information to others who you feel will be blessed.

Blessings in Messiah