There are two things which I feel strongly led to pray about:

  1. Praying for the healing of people who are broken and hurting (physically, psycholigically and/or spiritually)
  2. Israel

If you would like to join me in prayer on any of these points please use the comment form below or just press Like.

Blessings in Messiah Yeshua




5 thoughts on “Prayer points: Healing & Israel

  1. Dear Florence… praise God you have a heart for Israel… you are one of YAHWEH’s precious people… numbered amongst His flock.You will be rewarded for standing for God’s purposes against the flow that shall surely come against Israel and those who support her. I had a dream the other night that Israel shall be called Satanic we shall be called Satanists. The alternative is to abandon her and join the great apostacy of the Interfaith movement which I’m trying to warn against on my website. May I pray and share this with you and anyone else who comes?

    MARCH 13th 2012
    Let us be mindful of the lateness of this hour and how quickly things can change… just as a wild wind can come out of nowhere and flatten homes and kill and injure many who have no time to react or don’t know what to do… so the whole world can and will be effected with what’s coming… the great tribulation and the time of God’s wrath on those who will by then, worship the “man of sin” / the son of Satan as their god. The stage is being set now.

    I am weeping and praying for Israel this morning…maybe war with Iran is close as the predictions are that Israel will ore-emptively strike at Iran’s Nuclear plants between April and June 2012. They could take them by surprise and start this month. However a skirmish could lead to the coming of a “prince” / leader? who will make the last “week”… 7 year Peace Covenant with Israel that Daniel 9 prophesied about?… be that Ahmadinajad or the expected Mahdi?

    It wouldn’t necessarily have to be the same man of sin / anti-christ who will come / appear 3 1/2 years later, stop the sacrifices and sit in “the Temple of God,” claiming to be god. (This is also mentioned by Paul in 2 Thess). The covenant / agreement with Iran / Arabs will certainly include some sort of agreement to rebuild the Solomon’s Temple which seems so impossible at the moment. So a change is needed soon! Possibly an attack on Israel could end up with an “accidental” bombing of the Dome of the Rock?

    >>> May YAHWEH’S will be done in Israel and the prophecies of His prophets be fulfilled at the right time. May all Satan’s / Allah’s plans and agendas through the Muslim and Gentile nations be brought to nothing if they are not in accord with YAHWEH’s plan, will and ultimate purposes for His land and His people. We thank you Father for your Righteousness and Holiness and to you alone is all the Authority and Power to make judgements upon sin and unrighteousness. All that mankind does by his own strength and ambitions will fall but your Kingdom shall come and your will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven! We ask for divine angelic protection upon all those who love, trust and pray to you in Israel… you have not brought them back there to be butchered and raped… but to be a faithful remnant waiting for your deliverer. Let this time be a wake up call to those who take you for granted in Israel, the secular and godless…those who bring reproach to the Name of YAHWEH and your holy land… let them arise and cry out to you for SPIRITUAL SALVATION and RESTORATION… in Yeshua’s Holy Name… our Savior, Messiah and Bridegroom… Come soon Yeshua… the Spirit and the Bride say Come <<<

    Someone told me video cameras were set up on the tops of buildings in Tel Aviv a few weeks ago to cover the possible bombings they expect… either way?… something is sure to happen… but remember the vision of angels of war in the skies given to Elijah and Elisha! Some Israeli soldiers also saw supernatural angels in the sky during the 1967 war! Israel is still the apple of God's eye… and He will seal and protect those who call upon Him.

    Lord seal and protect us too in the days to come… those who keep your Holy Commandments of Love… those who identify with being "grafted" into Israel… your returning sons and daughters… write your Name on our foreheads as your priests had "HOLY UNTO YHVH" engraved over theirs. Rev. 7?

    Blessings from Susan (Australia)

    1. I think Israel amongst others things will be the real sifting point for Believers, those who really love God I believe will also stand with Israel. Things are so hard for many of us now, but really it’s nothing to compare to what will come, let us pray that the hearts of God’s children will be strengthened just like Yeshua prayed for His disciples. xxx

      1. I have just re written and posted some of what I wrote here.. on the Bride of Messiah WordPress site… with much more about the sealing of God’s servants in their foreheads / thinking? It is very debatable if it is for only DNA JEWS / ISRAELITES? Rev. 7.
        A same numbered group is seen as those who follow the Lamb wherever He goes in Rev. 14. Surely that’s the bride… or else where are we if not with Him on the Heavenly Mt. Zion?

      2. I can only comment on what God has shown me. He gave me a vision of myself and a crowd of others standing looking up towards the sky and the mountains of Jerusalem, we were waiting in expectation because we knew that the Messiah was coming, we were in Israel at the time and it felt like home.

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