On the Road to Healing

7 Week Mentoring programme

In 2008 I fell ill it seemed overnight, one day I was well, active and able bodied and the next day my body had broken down on me.  I waited for the symptoms to subside but days turned to weeks and the symptoms grew worse.  I tried everything in my power to find healing but nothing worked for me, the more I tried the worse I became, it became so bad that I prayed for death.  God didn’t answer that prayer because it wasn’t in line with His will and plan for my life.  What He did answer was my soul cry for help, He took someone so broken not just on the outside but deeply wounded on the inside and took me to a place of deep inner healing which has also manifested itself in my physical life. This Healing journey has not been easy, it’s been a bumpy and difficult road where I have had to lean on YHVH and enter into His rest but in return He has blessed me with an awesome revelation of healing that is truly transformational.  This mentoring programme focuses on the 1st stage of the healing journey which is developing the ability to listen and hear God’s voice and understand His will, plan and vision for your life.

What does the mentoring programme cover?

  • Developing intimacy with God
  • Finding joy and rest in God’s Word
  • Hearing the voice of God
  • Keys to unlocking a deeper healing

Who is the programme for?

This mentoring programme has been designed specifically for people who are experiencing fear, doubt, stress, depression and other stress-related symptoms and are looking for God’s healing hand.  It is for the individual who yearns to experience a deeper level of healing because they know that all is not right in their soul.  It is for individuals who instinctively know on a spiritual level that there must be and is more to life than what they are currently experiencing and who want to access the fullness of life and peace that the Messiah promised whilst on earth.

Watch this video which outlines God’s desire to heal you in a deep way

This programme is just the beginning of this part of your healing journey, I will be listening to the Spirit, using what God has taught me and revealed to me in addition to my background in psychology and counselling to assist you to the best of my ability on this stage of your journey.  We will pray, share, talk and listen for God to speak to us.

Structure of the programme

Seven 30-45 minute mentoring sessions via Skype

Activities, homework and tools to support the sessions

Email course on unlocking a deeper healing

How to apply

You can apply for the mentoring programme or contact me for further information through the ministry website contact form.


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