Feel like a Christian version of Manifesting Grace? Try this one

The meaning of God's Grace

Hey there friend,

today I want to let you know about two really special things to help you along your healing journey.  I have just finished hosting a meditation challenge over on my Facebook page and I wanted to share it with you too.

You may have heard that Oprah and Deepak were doing a meditation series on manifesting Grace, I had been seeing this up a lot online and even posted by other Christians so I thought that I would do some research.  So… I wasn’t really surprised to find that there definition of Grace was totally different to the Biblical definition of Grace:

Grace is the benevolent, powerful, unwavering energy of the universe that guides you to the best version of yourself. When you shift into a state of gratitude, grace opens itself to you – it responds in turn by bringing you even more to be grateful for. Your day-to-day becomes increasingly effortless, more enjoyable, and more vibrant. It is a blissful, life-affirming state of being that is available to everyone, all the time. ~ Source

So I decided to do my own meditation challenge on ‘Manifesting Grace’ by focusing on 10 different fruits of Grace. Continue reading Feel like a Christian version of Manifesting Grace? Try this one


The Give and Take of Mutual Relationships

Humans can be very self-centred, this is really highlighted within relationships whether with man or God. Yet relationships are or should be about reciprocity, mutual benefit or put another way give and take.

give and takeWe are OK when it comes to taking but not so much when it comes to giving. We find it much more easy to receive and very difficult to release.

I see this a lot in the online world, people are used to taking. There are free offers everywhere and we collect and hoard them, store them away but they hardly see the light of day if at all. They are like trophies or tools that we collect just in case we need them.

But when does taking stop being taking and start to become stealing (taking more than what was given/intended)? Continue reading The Give and Take of Mutual Relationships