A Blessed Journey; Through Terminal Cancer … Into Divine Healing – Cindy Cox

The true story of a 43 year old wife and mother of three, diagnosed with stagefour melanoma, given six to nine months to live, and then miraculously healed. Today, five years later, Cindy Cox is walking in divine health and passionately declaring the love of Christ and the works of the Lord! In this testimonial book, Cindy tells of the journey she took as she was diagnosed with cancer, turned her life over to Christ, developed an intimate relationship with Him, and received her divine healing through faith. Then the ripple effect of Cindy’s healing began. As she surrendered her new life to ministering to others in desperate need of healing, they too have received their divine healing. Is God’s healing available for you too? How can you develop your faith to believe and to receive your healing? What may stand in the way of receiving divine healing? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why are some people healed, but not others? These difficult questions are addressed in A Blessed Journey. Healing is for everyone! Jesus heals today! 

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