Feel like a Christian version of Manifesting Grace? Try this one

The meaning of God's Grace

Hey there friend,

today I want to let you know about two really special things to help you along your healing journey.  I have just finished hosting a meditation challenge over on my Facebook page and I wanted to share it with you too.

You may have heard that Oprah and Deepak were doing a meditation series on manifesting Grace, I had been seeing this up a lot online and even posted by other Christians so I thought that I would do some research.  So… I wasn’t really surprised to find that there definition of Grace was totally different to the Biblical definition of Grace:

Grace is the benevolent, powerful, unwavering energy of the universe that guides you to the best version of yourself. When you shift into a state of gratitude, grace opens itself to you – it responds in turn by bringing you even more to be grateful for. Your day-to-day becomes increasingly effortless, more enjoyable, and more vibrant. It is a blissful, life-affirming state of being that is available to everyone, all the time. ~ Source

So I decided to do my own meditation challenge on ‘Manifesting Grace’ by focusing on 10 different fruits of Grace.

Kisses from God, manifesting Grace Challenge
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 Why ‘manifesting’?  Well, not only is this term and English word and found in the Bible, but it simply means to make something more clear and apparent or visible.  God’s Grace is always around us, in fact it abounds towards us, the problem is that we are not always aware of it, we can’t always see the kisses of Grace God plants on our forehead and the love letters that He writes to us that let us know that He is indeed Immanuel.  When we manifest Grace what we are doing is making it more clear that it is present and available for us and to us all the time, we make the invisible visible.  I go into this in a bit more detail in my blog post here, but in a nutshell, I believe that we can see Grace more clearly when we pay attention to the fruit of Grace around us.  Another word for fruit would be the children, offspring or result/effect of Grace in our lives, the most obvious example would be gratitude.  The very fact that you can experience gratitude and have something to be thankful about points towards God’s grace abounding and present in your life.  That’s why the first meditation was on Grace, but there are 9 more too, to make a total of 10 Kisses from God (the name of the challenge).

So below you will find the links to each of the 10 challenges, I do hope you can join in it has been a blessing to me and others who have taken part.  I also have a Christian Peace meditation for you, it is actually part of the challenge but I thought I would post it separately here for you as well – you may have guessed that meditation focuses on the Grace fruit of Peace especially surrounding anxiety, worry and fear so I hope it’s a blessing to you.  😀

Please find the links to the challenge and the Peace Meditation video just below.

Stay blessed,

Achama x 

Day 1: Gratitude

Day 2: Awe

Day 3: Faith

Day 4: Humility

Day 5: Peace

Day 6: Strength

Day 7: Courage

Day 8: Love

Day 9: Hope

Day 10: Joy

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