The Secret Place and Motivational Manna

secret place meditation based on psalm 91

I’ve decided to share extracts from my Reflective Meditation book “The Secret Place” across several of my online spaces, one of them being here.

Today I want to share the first meditation from the book it’s aptly called

Day 1 – “My Secret Place”

secret place meditation based on psalm 91

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High

will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.

(Psalm 91:1 ESV)

 To dwell in is to reside and inhabit, just like YHWH inhabits the praises of His people we are called to inhabit the secret place.  The secret place cannot be easily detected; it is covered over and hidden from the gaze of roving eyes, for it is a secret place that only those who know where to look and what to look for will find.  It is not any ordinary place for this secret place belongs to the Most High God (El Elyon), He is King over all.  No one possesses greater authority, His Word cannot be contested it is final.  None can say to Him, “Remove the covering over your child”, no power is greater than His own, and in His presence there is safety (Shalom).

His shadow reassures you that you are within touching distance of Him, you are so close, close enough to feel His breath (Ruach) and hear His precious Word that drips like honey from His lips.  This is the place where you are called to rest and remain, in the presence of the Almighty (El Shaddai).  Who can defeat the Mighty One of Israel, who can pull you out of His hands?  There is none with the power or the strength to contend or overcome Him, shalom is assured in His care.

Extract from my book found here

Motivational Manna for the Soul Facebook
Motivational Manna for the Soul on Facebook

I’ve also started a Facebook Group called Motivational Manna for the Soul – it’s a Personal Development Group for Christians where I post new growth challenges each week – you can find out more about it here.


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