Diet is an answer… why Eating Right encourages Healing.

Two posts in a week – I know, but this has been on my mind and something I found out yesterday has encouraged me to pre-share some thoughts with you.  (Please note this post contains affiliate links).

There’s a scripture that says “money answereth all things” (Ecclesiastes 10:19) in essence what this means is that money talks. But there’s a version of this saying that I much prefer, which says “money has an answer to all things” (CJB). Whilst money can and does talk, it is not the sole answer to all our problems.

What has this got to do with healing diets? A change in diet has helped me enormously. Last year I was suffering from what I thought was really bad anaemia, but it was actually adrenal exhaustion. I would wake up by 9am and be exhausted by 12 and need to sleep for at least an hour by 4pm. If I didn’t I would feel breathless, dizzy and faint. I tried iron supplements to no avail, before I realised that I had to drastically change my diet.

Since then there has been a 180 degree shift, I no longer feel exhausted and I don’t have to take a nap in the afternoon and I’m well on my way to having my adrenals restored to normal functioning.

Diet has been an answer for me.

A change in diet has not only boosted my energy, it’s also helped me drop two dress sizes, and given me days where my symptoms are more or less non-existent. I can’t deny the evidence before me that diet has been a much needed answer for me here.

But there’s still more.  I’m still learning and YHWH still uncovers more gems for me.

I know when I first started my healing diet I was lost at sea,  I wanted to eat better but had no idea where to start. I planned to go raw, but the idea of cold food did nothing for me so instead I began to study, research and buy books on autoimmunity and healthy eating.

Our gut is an important component for encouraging healing

I found that healing is often based around our gut, and if we have digestive issues we are well on our way to developing and maintaining an autoimmune illness.  I had plenty of those, I suffered mostly from bloating and gas (not pleasant) as well as constipation – since changing my diet those symptoms have disappeared.

What has this taught me? Good Digestive Health has been crucial for bringing about those changes in me.

Could it do the same for you?

From a Biblical perspective, God didn’t design our bodies to get nutrients from the junk we eat and call food. This means that it’s absolutely no wonder that our body now begins to reject food that it should recognise as food (food intolerances and allergies). I recently received a food test back which says I’m intolerant to things like tomatoes, eggs and even basil! But that’s what can happen when you don’t deal with underlying digestion issues.

That’s why I was so excited to find out about this upcoming Brain Gut and Health Summit featuring 25 free webinars by some of the world’s leading Digestive Health experts. Having attended another one held earlier on in the year, I know from experience that these are a great starting point for anyone looking to transform their diet but feel overwhelmed by it all.

I’m so excited (did I say that already) to tell you about one particular video that they have pre-released, it’s right up my street.  Dr K quote 1It’s basically about the link between what you eat and your brain health, as someone diagnosed with a neuro disorder it makes so much sense but this is also relevant for anyone who suffers from stress, anxiety, depression and even Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons.

Even if you don’t suffer with any of these (maybe even PMS???) you should still watch this video – why?

You see diet is an answer, but it’s not the answer.  As YHWH continues to lead me I begin to understand that the body works in unity, what affects the digestive system, endocrine system or immune system will ultimately affect your brain. Healing your Brain is the Key. More on this (I hope) in the upcoming weeks and months as He continues to lead and teach me, but just know that your brain is the control system of your body, it tells your body what to do – enough said.

Anyway, you can watch the video, register for the summit and find out the schedule for speakers here. And the good thing to know is that even if you miss a webinar, you can still get access to it for 48 hours – yay!!!

If you enjoy learning you’ll love this and believe me even if you can only watch a few they are sooooooo worth it. This Summit starts this Sunday and lasts up until the 23rd of November I probably won’t be able to catch all the videos but if you do you can tell me all about them.

So go watch the webinar by Dr K and let me know which bit blessed you most – OK?


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