Anywhere but Here and Now

Sometimes the most difficult place to be in is here and now, life with all of its minor and major melodramas can feel overwhelming.

And you long to be anywhere but here and now.

But where would you go?

My favourite getaway haunt used to be stationed in front of a plastic box, TV or computer it didn’t matter much as long as it took me somewhere else, somewhere where people only laughed and never cried, where anything was possible, and love always won.

But the truth is just like flying away to a fancy holiday destination, your life with all of it’s valleys and mountains still awaits your return.

So what’s a girl to do?

I’ve faced up to TV as an idol, I’ve faced up to reading certain types of books as crutches, I’ve even faced up to food as…

What’s left to give up?


The word is whispered into my heart,

let go,


I Surrender

I’m writing about this today because we have been asked to write about a place where we would like to be for our next writing 101 exercise.

Once when I was in a very desperate situation, I asked God to deliver me from out of it.  He didn’t.  So then I said, if you’re not going to deliver me then help me to find peace within it.  He did.

So the place that I would like to write about today is a place called ‘The Secret Place’, a place deep in the heart of each Child of God.

In my book, I ask the question “What does the Secret Place look like to you?”

I know what my Secret Place looks like, it’s the place I go to rest my head on the knee of my Saviour.  It’s a place of blue skies and green fields, the sound of flowing water and calling birds.  There is no fear here, no worry, no pain only love.  “I am at Peace”.

After a visit to my Secret Place, life doesn’t look so overwhelming and mountains not so mountainous.

I feel more able to go on.

What does your Secret Place look like?

4 thoughts on “Anywhere but Here and Now

    1. So glad Mary.

      Yes, I have been quiet you are right. A lot has been happening for me that I will share when the time is right but I do pop up every now and again on FB 🙂 I’m glad that you are doing much better also with everything you have been going through. You are a strong woman of YHWH God. Remain blessed. xxx

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