A Magpie on Steroids

magpieThis is sometimes how I feel when I take a step back and look at myself.  I don’t get excited very easily but when I do it’s like overdrive.

I tend not to get excited about stuff, but I really do get excited about ideas and skills.  I love learning and so sometimes the internet is like a gourmet buffet of all things cerebral and practical.

Ooh… cook this recipe.

Aaah… master that grain of nugget.

Glitter, glitter, glitter.  Shine, shine, shine.

Can you relate?

I have to stop sometimes and remind myself, that one person can’t do or learn everything no matter if I might want to.

I had a great convo with an old school friend today, she’s going back to uni to do her masters.  Her reasoning was so very practical, logical and well thought out – she had an at least 3 year plan sorted out with regards to it.  I really admired her.

I would sruggle to do a Masters because my biggest problem is that I just wouldn’t know what course to take.  Lol, that’s why now I often just leave these more major decisions and just focus on where I feel God is leading me.

That’s not to stay that I’m not going to stop oohing and aahing over shiny things, or even pick one or two up on the off-chance that my better self isn’t looking.  But, I think it’s just a recognition of an aspect of what makes me tick and not letting it get the better of me, whilst celebrating my fearfully and wonderfully made-ness.

I like projects too, I’ve got quite a few lined up.  But I’m learning that doing is not in the being busy, so although I have a loose schedule of when I would like them completed, I wait on YHWH to direct my footsteps.  It’s all His show anyway.

Are you a magpie?

Make me feel better and share.

photo credit: Jean-Jacques Boujot via photopin cc

2 thoughts on “A Magpie on Steroids

  1. I love the way you keep learning and growing and coming to higher plateaus in your walk with Him. He has been taking you on a wonder filled journey as He reveals to you so many facets of His character. You have been able to see them because you have patiently waited on Him and He has served you His very best. Love you my friend.

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