Israel, Palestine and Isaiah 43

I haven’t really been following the events in the Middle East, I’ve been too busy guarding my heart against the issues of death but, as I read Isaiah 43 today I felt compelled to pray for Israel.

As I look up at the cloudless blue sky outside my window, I think about how big this earth is.  That only 5 hours across the globe somebody else’s sky is stripped with flashing fire and black columns of smoke and I shake my head at humanity.  It saddens me.

But what saddens me the most is when people forget that life is involved.  People are dying, people are hurting, people are grieving, people are confused and afraid.  Yet, to read the news here you would think that the only people dying are Palestinians yet, that isn’t the case.  Many Israelis have and will die, war takes no preference yet, I hear words from Christians who seem to perversely rejoice in the fact that God is protecting Israel, as if they think it’s a good thing that people’s lives are being turned upside down. Continue reading Israel, Palestine and Isaiah 43