Does God get sad? … and more

I would like to share a few posts that have touched me recently, there is a brief summary of each one and a link to it too in case you want to read it.

  • Does God get sad?  Do you think there is anything at all that saddens God?  This post looks at something that we all do which might cause this to be so.
  • When the supernatural collides with the natural how does it make you feel?  I’m being challenged by the supernatural right now in my dreaming life and in my waking life, not bad stuff really but when the supernatural coincides with the natural it can sometimes cause your head to spin.  You can feel fear, anxiety, excitement, stress, joy, peace, humility, purpose, trust, faith and so much more .Have you had any recent close encounters with the supernatural which has caused you to reassess spiritual realities?

  • Widening the gap between illness and health.  Health and well-being enhancement is never far from my mind, partially as I’m in some pain from an osteopath appointment last night but partly because I Know how important health is especially after you’ve lost it.  I’ve been really encouraged to find people who are not allowing their illness/pain prevent them from otherwise being healthy which shows that no matter what state of health you are in you can still enhance it.
  • Last but not least, how has Yahushua (Yeshua/Jesus) changed your life?  Here is a great example of how love and grace are instruments of true transformation you might recognise this story :).

Shalom in Messiah


On the Road to Healing
Shalom Candles


8 thoughts on “Does God get sad? … and more

  1. Recently after realizing that all the mishaps in my life were not gonna go away until I got serious about committing to intense fasting and prayer. Well, during the time I was fasting I spoke to God and I noticed he seemed quieter and withdrawn. Later I began to speak in tongues and prophecy. I prophesied for over an hour and towards the end the Holy Spirit began to weep. I took a moment to gather what the Holy Spirit was grieved over and He began to speak that God knows how intense my battles and attacks have been and although I was knocked over and beat up severly, the thing that I didn’t realize was that He was really working overtime to hold back and prevent the actually destruction the enemy intended for me. Sometimes I would try my best to hold back on questioning God, other times I would scream my prayer request at God. So, what the Holy Spirit was revealing to me was that God was grieved over the level of evil, hatred, muderous and fierce attacks that the enemy was attacking me with. He was grieved that I was not aware of how much He was actually saving me from although I felt some of the blows. The Holy Spirit was showing me that God was grieved that the enemy was operating in violation of his legal right against me. Now during the time the Holy Spirit began to weep and grieve through me. I was not in a sad nor grieving mood. Yet, somehow my tongues sounded like crying. I believe God gets sad. Yes I do.

    1. Hi Rhonda, thank you so much for sharing your experience, I too think that Abba gets sad. I think when we recognise the things which elicit it as those who love Him it makes us more inclined to want to avoid those things and trust Him more, what do you think?

  2. It is true that God is in us, but we must remember it is also true that we are in God. We see in part, but God experiences in fullness. I believe we relate to a God who is in time and reality with us. If a child is sad, like any parent they feel what their child feels. They are sensitive to the feelings of their child. It is not until the child matures before they learn to be sensitive toward the parent. We are one with God. Thanks.

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