What does it mean to ‘have life’?

NB: This is the second post in this series, you should read part one to fully understand what I am sharing here today.


Life is a gift from YAH, He specifically made a choice to breathe His Divine breath into us therefore all human life is sacred, it is not be stolen or destroyed. But more than this, it is Yah’s will for us to possess something much more greater than this transient gift of life. It is His will that we possess something more greater, fuller and eternal than anything we could ever imagine.

Believers ‘have life’ because Yahushua gave us His life, yet most of us don’t know the life that we now possess and so live as if we do not have it at all. In the previous post I mentioned how our life orientation can be used as a gauge to assess whether we ‘have life’ or not and how much of it we have.

Have life gauageLet’s imagine a ‘life’ gauge which ranges between ‘No Life’ at the lowest point and beyond measure supernatural life at the highest point. The gauge might look a bit like the one on the left with each point relating to the following:

No life – someone who has physically died (past away) outside of Messiah, this person is no longer alive and will be judged according to works/the law on Judgement day.

Alive – someone who is physically alive but is outside of Messiah, this person is spiritually dead.

Have life – someone alive/dead in Messiah ie. born again and has the expectation of eternal life.

Moving Towards Abundance – someone alive who is being spiritually transformed and beginning to see fruits of this transformation.

Ever Closer to Abundance – someone who is undergoing psychological transformation followed by behavioural and lifestyle changes which results in them manifesting the Messiah unconsciously more and more in their everyday lives.

Exceeding and Beyond natural Measure total and final transformation of the living and dead in Messiah that takes place on Messiah’s return and which we remain in throughout all eternity.

Every person who is born again possesses life, and every born again will one day be fully transformed into the image of Messiah but what about our life in between?

The process of ‘having life’ is one where we become less and less and Messiah becomes more and more within us (2 Cor 5: 15). Having life is supposed to be something that is much better and greater than what we originally possessed, if it’s not then something has gone wrong somewhere. It is possible to have and move increasingly closer towards abundant life now, but in order to do so Yeshua said that we must first give our own life up.

For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it.

We give up our own life by letting go of the things which we believe will make us happy or fulfilled, for those stuck in the past it’s those things which we hold on to that prevent us from fully receiving the Good News and for those caught up in the future, its those things which we want to possess. There could be many or only a few things which prevent us from truly ‘possessing life’, it could be our inability to forgive, our inability to forget, sadness over things which we were not able to achieve and more that prevent us from truly experiencing Shalom right now.

Yeshua asks us to let it all go are you ready and willing? Are you ready to drop all the cares and worries of this present life that we live? Yeshua tells us that we should take up His yoke instead because it is light, you might think that this is a contradiction but it’s not. In ancient times when working in the field, a younger and less experienced animal would be yoked to a more mature and experienced one so that it could learn from the elder. Yeshua is saying that we should learn from Him, because His life is a whole lot better than our own life! But we can’t wear His yoke if we’re still carrying our own heavy burden ie. attached to another yoke and learning from something else, we have to make the decision to leave our old life (yoke) behind and take up this new one.

In my life I have tended to lean towards being a futurist, I have been ‘waiting for my life to begin’. Falling ill only made this feeling worse, over the last couple of years I have heard YAH saying more clearly that I need to live now each moment at a time. My life had taken on the burden of trying to make it ‘work’ for me, I was way too busy planning and working to even consider that there had to be another, better way. Even when I accepted Yeshua as Messiah, I found that I was still holding onto my way of doing things I struggled against taking up that yoke that He said would make me feel much, much better. I won’t lie to you and say that I’m now cured and 100% perfect because I’m not, BUT I have noticed that I’m moving up on the ‘have life’ barometer. Every now and again Yeshua shows me another secret to living life His way, He reveals a better way and waits for me to clumsily follow Him around the field of life. I am so grateful for His love and patience.

But dear friends, it’s so easy to miss Him if we don’t give ourselves time and opportunity to wait right here and now on YHVH and listen to what He’s saying to us in the present. To really ‘have life’ and experience it more and more abundantly we need to meet Yah here and now, letting Him be the centre of every moment and breath in our lives. Don’t allow your yesterday memories or your tomorrow worries to prevent you from experiencing the Shalom of today.



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