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Wilderness Journeys...Finding Your Path

The cycle of change gives us windows of opportunity in which to make decisions.
Sometimes that cycle only goes around once. Miss it and the opportunity is gone ^
John Maxwell
THE NEED FOR CHANGE IS PREVALENT IN TODAY’S SOCIETY.  Unfortunately, the desire for change is not as easily embraced.  When it is, the change we are hoping for tends to lean toward a change in external forces; a job, the economy, a change from the heat (or cold), or a change in gas prices.
We are predominantly consumed with changing things we have no control over.  Have you ever traveled to a pre-determined destination on a road that you have traveled many times?  Your subconscious mind has implanted the route in your mind, relieving you of the task of even thinking about it.  Ahhh… but here comes a hiccup;  on this particular day, the…

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