Where does healing come from?

Man praying in the Light

Health, healing, and wholeness – I find it strange how different Christians react to these words.  For some these words cause a positive reaction to others negative, but whatever our stance we can not argue the fact that the Bible speaks about health, healing and wholeness.  But what is healing and where does it come from?

I know that there are still many people who visit this blog searching to understand why they suffer from Cramp Fasciculation Syndrome a neurological immune disorder where the immune system attacks the nervous system causing pain, cramping and spasming in the muscles surrounding the peripheral nerves.  It’s a horrible illness, but as I sat and looked over the stats for the last few days and saw that there didn’t seem to be a day when someone didn’t end up on my blog because of this disorder I realised something that I AM getting better!  This is what sparked off this post, I wanted to share my experiences of what I feel is healing me.

The Bible tells us that our faith makes us whole (Luke 17: 19) and that it is able to heal us but what does this really mean?  I believe that when the Bible talks about faith it’s not talking about head, philosophical or theoretical knowledge but about spiritual knowledge.  This type of knowledge only comes about as a consequence of relationship and experience with God; I see this most clearly in my own life. 

When I first fell ill I wanted to be made well again, my focus was on health as I had previously known it- physical health.  I did the things that we are taught to do when we are ill, go to the doctors, take some medication, rest etc.  When those things didn’t work my perspective shifted to incorporate more natural healing practices, I tried alternative health practitioners, herbal medicine, relaxation therapy, organic food etc. slightly better but still no way near comfortable I was doing good things, treating my body with more respect and care but these were shallow changes.  At that time I decided to give up on things that I had felt or had taught would make me better and turned my attention more God-wise, I realised that health and healing isn’t about following some kind of external formula but about listening and obeying God’s eternal plan for mankind.  

God asked me to do some pretty strange things on the outside like give up on and taking up certain behaviours including maintaining a healthy lifestyle to the best of my ability (hard on a low income) and letting go of certain thought patterns and emotions and the more I did these things the better I felt.  When God began to change me on the inside I noticed changes on the outside, as He makes me whole I also become more ‘healthier’.  It wasn’t so much that these behaviours, thoughts and emotions had changed but it was that I was becoming a different person who would more naturally exhibit a different set of thoughts, feelings and behaviours – this is the key.  Not only did I not want to exhibit those things again I began to find that it became a lot harder for me to do so, because God was changing me He not only changed the inside but that caused me to make choices which would limit me from having the same kind of experiences as I would have previously.  Health and wholeness isn’t just about our behaviour, thoughts or emotions it’s about our essence.

So what is faith and will any old faith do?

In a nutshell faith is a) spiritual vision – it enables us to see past the visible and temporal facts to the invisible and eternal truth b) spiritual knowledge – assurance and confidence that the visible facts are temporal and imperfect and that spiritual truth is perfect and eternal.  We can’t get faith by someone preaching it to us, faith is entirely experiential, it is about saying OK then God, I’m here show me who You really are and then getting on the roller coaster ride with Him totally in control.

I can safely say that developing CFS was the best thing that has happened to me because it has opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of reality and truth, I am still learning and I still fall down and have bad days but those bad days are becoming less and less. Praise YAH!  If I think about where I was at the start of this journey I know that God has been showing me the way to find my healing all along, the knowledge that He has revealed to me means much more to me than a Doctor’s advice or a ‘How to’ self-help book because His knowledge is truth and Life.

Man praying in the Light

I firmly believe that the most important healing we can ever receive is on the inside, my CFS was a manifestation of a darkened spirit and a broken soul no medication could or can ever fix this.  I was steeped in negative behaviours, thoughts and emotions which were literally destroying me from the inside out.  I know you might read this and think, well that’s you isn’t it or you might think well, I’d rather sit and do yoga than give God a try or maybe you even feel that you are giving God a try, I don’t know.  But if you feel like you belong to the first or second I would encourage you to read the lists below and see which list of attributes/behaviours you feel you most relate to/exhibit:

List 1

Sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery (includes horoscopes, yoga, magic and any new age stuff), enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions, envy,drunkenness, orgies etc.

Or list 2?

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness, self-control

These lists are taken from Galatians 5:19-22 in the Bible. 

Even for those of us who feel we know God, we need to ask ourselves which god do we know?  The God we know is the God we will serve, I keep on saying that I’m still learning because I am and it’s not head knowledge but inner man knowledge that takes us away from list 1 to manifesting list 2.  It’s not enough to say that we believe and then expect God to start transforming our lives, we must be ready to walk in the little faith we have trusting in God’s eternal truth to bring out the change that is most perfect for us – trusting that His will is always perfect.

My prayer is that we will all begin to embrace this eternal truth that sets us free and brings us into a place of healing and wholeness no matter our stage of relationship with God, I know that this is God’s absolute desire for mankind.  If you struggle with faith or want to know more about faith, healing and wholeness from a biblical perspective please look out for a free ebook written in conjunction with others who have experienced faith on the healing journey, the ebook will be released by mid next week at the latest (by Yah’s grace) – I will put a link/post on this blog when it is released.


6 thoughts on “Where does healing come from?

  1. Have you ever studied the word “shalom”? Most people think of it as simply peace, but it is not. It really connotes more of the idea of “wholeness”. There is only one way to become whole…follow and obey our Creator. The more we follow Him, the more we will heal. It is interesting to note, too, that scripture connects our hearts and actions to being sick or being well. If we receive communion in the wrong frame of heart, we can get sick. (Corinthians) If we confess our sins, we can get healed. (James) And, of course, we know that Yeshua gives us a shalom unlike any shalom the world can give!

    1. Hi Abigail, yes I love the word ‘shalom’ it is one of my favourite in the world next to the word ‘Shabbat’ lol. I am experiencing exactly what you say more and more, that wholeness and completeness as I lean more and trust in Him to be my Lord and God. I know I still have a long way to go, for example today I woke up with red spots on both hands, I went to see the pharmacist who told me it could be scabies!!! After reading up what scabies was I became a bit freaked out, but this is another area where I need to dig into the trust that God has been building in me to get through whatever this latest health crisis is whether big or small. This is particularly where shalom comes in as you say His shalom is unlike that of the world, leaning in today to trust Him when I particularly don’t feel like I want to trust.

      Thanks for stopping by dear friend.

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