I read a really interesting book which made me think a bit more deeply about the big questions such as “Why am I here?” and “what does it mean to fulfill my purpose?”. This blog posts captures some of my thoughts pertaining to it …

Working for His Glory

Have you ever been really excited to go to a talk or a conference about a particular topic, only to get there and find out that the speakers talk about everything else other than what was expected? How did that make you feel? Frustrated, angry, annoyed, like you wasted your time in attending in the first place? Probably all of the above right? But how do you feel when you go to a meeting, conference, event and the speakers you hear are everything that you expected plus a cherry on top? Elated, surprised, invigorated, motivated, encouraged, charged up? Wow, what a contrasting set of emotions with the only difference being that the first set of speakers were ‘off-point’ whilst the second ‘on-point’.

Now think about yourself, your life, your work and ask yourself this question: “am I on or off-point?” How can we even tell whether we are or not?…

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    1. Hi Betty, I’m OK I’ve just been really busy doing some background stuff on the ministry. I hope to send out a newsletter soon explaining all. How are you doing? I know that you use Lulu for your book, I want to publish the next book on Lulu, how do you find the service?

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