Thoughts on preparing for Passover

Today I started to do my shopping for Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread, this is the fourth year that Eke and I will be celebrating these feast days and as the time has gone by we have learnt a lot about what it means to us and what it means to fellow Believers.  There will be many Christians and Messianics joining their Jewish brethren in this celebration, for some Christians this may seem strange but really it’s not because Jesus (Yeshua) is our Passover Lamb, saving us from death and leading us into the promised land.  There are some great teachings on Passover from a Messianic Perspective, this is the one we read from last year –  Passover for Christians.

I had an interesting experience shopping, I had to go down to our nearest orthodox community to purchase kosher for Passover lamb and boy was it expensive!!!  I think Kosher meat is even more expensive than organic meat and that’s saying a lot, for just enough meat for 2-3 people it cost us £20.  The Kosher butcher was mayhem, they had hired in extra staff and I had to wait nearly half an hour for our meat to be especially cut and rolled.  While I was waiting I had ample opportunity to watch how the Orthodox community were preparing for Pesach, family after family came in or rang up to place their meat orders in advance, they had bought huge boxes to place the orders in and deliver them to each family.  The men in the kitchen cut, diced, minced and rolled before bringing the orders out to be carefully checked over against hand-written lists before they were placed in the boxes for delivery.  I saw a young girl come in and hand over nearly £400 for her family’s supply of meat! Whew, it seems that a lot of saving has to be done in order to comfortably afford the costs of preparing for Passover!

Watch a short-clip showing a UK family getting ready for Passover

Next stop was a local grocer’s store to pick up some Shabbat (Sabbath) candles, I really wanted to have these candles just to remember how Yeshua is our Light.  The shop had so many candles: tapers, votives and tea lights, I asked a store assistant if he could help me as I had never bought any Shabbat candles before and he grudgingly answered my questions before declaring that he didn’t want to help me.  He really wasn’t interested in the fact that I wanted to mark Passover, I guess he didn’t want to serve or help someone who wasn’t Jewish.  I know that it is pretty strange to see an African descent woman in a Jewish shop, but apart from the general staring that I sometimes get no one had ever been negative towards me until today.  I smiled and thanked him for his help and left the shop, his behaviour upset me but I felt God telling me that my behaviour was a heavy contrast against his own and that it would be a testimony of how different we can be when we are filled with the love of God and not simply being religious.

I next stopped off to buy some organic barley flour to make my Matzo, there are strict guidelines for making matzo as all bread eaten needs to be unleavened.  Different Jewish cultures have different ways of making their matzo, some in a frying pan/griddle and some in the oven.  I’m no expert at all, all I care about is getting it all done within the allowed time frame.  I also bought ready-made matzo just in case.

On the way back the traffic was extremely heavy, there were so many people doing their Passover shopping.  Residents know that most of the shops will be closed during the feast days so use this time to buy everything they need and more just in case they run out or something unexpected happens.

All in all, it was a really interesting experience and I have to admit that as I wind down to move into this feast I am experiencing more peace and joy because I know that this weekend something amazing will unfold, the greatest love story ever told will be re-lived in the hearts of many.

I am praying that as you walk with Yeshua through His last hours on this earth in flesh that you ponder deeply the mystery of His blood, what is it that is so awesome and powerful about His blood, that brings us into a new marriage covenant with God.  We are His bride, we are His bride this is an awesome thought. His blood protects us from death, such a solemn time this passing over, His blood smeared on our hearts is what protects us from death, do we own this as true?  How do you remember this sacrifice?  The Feast of Unleavened Bread is like a time of mourning, expectation and sanctification mixed into one, how did His disciples feel coming back to celebrate this feast even though their Master had just been hung on the cross?  How do we feel now?  And what about when the disciples heard the news of His resurrection, what went on in their hearts?  Can we also share in the intensity of these emotions?

I am praying that something new happens in me this year and I pray that you will also experience something fresh and deep as you wait with the family of God between the moments of death and re-birth.  Let’s not miss the Ruach (breath) of God this year, watch and wait carefully for Him and then open the doors to your heart once again.

Shalom in Messiah

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8 thoughts on “Thoughts on preparing for Passover

  1. you sound like you are not only having fun, but are truly taking time to reflect on an incredible opportunity of engaging all the senses into this beautiful time. This is such an event that goes by so quickly, yet so much effort is put into it. Bless you for sharing probably the most creative expression of understanding I have ever read.

    1. Praise Yah and thank you so much for your lovely comment. I wanted to express some of the things I have been experiencing on the lead up to these Feast days, and hope to share a bit more in due time.

      Much shalom to you

  2. I am quite new in passover this year. That’s why looking for some special articles. Really got something special from you here.
    Wishing you a happy Passover.
    You can take a look at this passover message: on this celebration. Very unique one.

  3. This is a wonderful post of what goes on during the Passover time…all the hustling and bustling to prepare for the great remembrance event. I also enjoyed how you shed light upon what is truly reflected on during this time. I truly enjoyed reading this. May God bless you and your words!

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