Debate: the question of tithing

There are a few things which separate Christians: tithing, the rapture, speaking in tongues and the sabbath from what I have seen so far… although I’m not sure whether any of these differences lead to falling away they do lead to walls being built up within the body, I think we call them ‘denominations’.  As the time towards the end draws near God is touching my heart to speak on these sensitive issues, for my own benefit so that I can learn and solidify my understanding but also to help enlighten and challenge others in their thinking.  It is of no benefit to accept something just because it’s what we have been taught, we need to learn to divide the Word of God rightly for ourselves.

So I will get the ball rolling here by bringing up the issue of the tithe.

Is it biblical for Christians to tithe?

What is the purpose of the tithe?

Questions to think about:

  1. What is the tithe?
  2. What did it consist of?
  3. Who was it for?
  4. who were meant to tithe?
  5. How was it used?
  6. When was it used?
  7. Did the early church tithe?

My opinion: I don’t believe that Christians should ‘tithe’ but I do believe that Christians should give freely.  I have thought about this a lot and have seen how different scriptures have been used to frighten Christians into giving (Malachi), as someone who has tithed before but is not currently working I have seen my ‘usefulness’ diminish in the eyes of some pastors, I have witnessed people separated into tithers and non-tithers to boost one group up and deflate others, I have seen people ‘start’ churches in order to get rich quickly through the tithe system.  I also understand that some people argue this by saying that those pastors are not good or that it doesn’t matter what your pastor does with the money as long as you give it God will bless you, but does this actually make sense?  I don’t think God wants to prosper us just so that we will give it to a pastor who only wants to use the money for their own gain or grow a multimillion pound/dollar church, I believe God wants us to be wise and good stewards over everything He gives to us, I think He would want us to use His money to be a blessing and not to be a curse to ourselves or others more susceptible.

I know that there are more people who support tithing over not (particularly in church leadership positions) but I would ask that you be respectful and polite towards me and others if responding.

Here are some good links that I have found on the matter which look into the above questions in a bit more depth:

Additional thoughts 29th March 2012

The outward work vs the inward heart

There are many reasons why people choose to tithe:

  • out of love for example as a demonstration of love to others
  • out of discipline in order to kill the flesh
  • for greedy gain, for reward
  • or to avoid the curse

All of these people exhibit the same outward work but do not have the same inward heart or nature when doing the work.

Yeshua taught us that simply keeping a rule/law ie. fulfilling the word of the law isn’t enough if our heart is dark and not right with God.  God desires inward heart changes which results and manifests in outward works.  If Christians feel compelled to tithe to avoid a curse or to receive a blessing then this is wrong, but if this is what Christians are being taught then this will result in ungodly feelings of fear or temptation which in essence places that person in a position of sin.

People who tithe out of compulsion place themselves under the law, as  a)there is no condemnation in Christ and b) love is the fulfillment of the law.  Those who tithe out of compulsion or necessity do so according to the Spirit of the Law and not to the Spirit of love and as such can only ever if at best reap according to the confines of the Law.  As the tithe law has nothing to do with gentiles, Israelites outside of Israel or money then such people will not reap anything.  Even Jewish people today do not tithe because they know that according to the word of God that the tithing law is very specific, these same people have Genesis, they know about Abraham giving a tenth and Jacob making a vow with God, yet they still do not tithe.  Yet few people would say that the Jews are not one of if not the most blessed financially in all the world, they are not tithing yet the most inventors and wealthiest people come out of Israel, this seems pretty strange to me.

I believe that the old testament law of tithing has nothing to do with material blessing, I just want to look at a few verses to illustrate what I do believe the tithe relates to.

 6And thither ye shall bring your burnt offerings, and your sacrifices, and your tithes, and heave offerings of your hand, and your vows, and your freewill offerings, and the firstlings of your herds and of your flocks:

7And there ye shall eat before the LORD your God, and ye shall rejoice in all that ye put your hand unto, ye and your households, wherein the LORD thy God hath blessed thee.

Deut 12:  6-7

 6For the LORD thy God blesseth thee, as he promised thee: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over thee.

7If there be among you a poor man of one of thy brethren within any of thy gates in thy land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not harden thine heart, nor shut thine hand from thy poor brother:

8But thou shalt open thine hand wide unto him, and shalt surely lend him sufficient for his need, in that which he wanteth.

Deut 15: 6-8

This is what I see when I read these and such verse, a God who loves His people, wants to bless them and wants to fellowship with them.  In Deuteronomy 12, we see God telling the Israelites to eat all of their offerings before Him and to rejoice in all that He has done for them.  Wow, isn’t this amazing God actually wants us to come and dine with Him, He calls us in to eat in front of Him so that He can fellowship with us in His holy place.  These offerings were a demonstration of how much God wants to bless and fellowship with us, to me I see a really excited and pleased Father who has given His child a present and can’t wait for the child to sit down with Him and open it in front of Him so that He can share in the joy of their happiness.  We are not taught this in the church, instead we are taught that we are not to partake in the tithe at all, that it is for the church building, ministers and to bring new people in, most of the time members do not or rarely rejoice in what they bring to the church.

Deuteronomy 15 again shows the immense love of God, God wants to bless us so that we can bless others.  We are supposed to give with a open-hand and not a closed-fist, if we tell someone to give a tithe (10 %) to the church we are doing several things: putting them in a situation where they may not want to give (out of compulsion) and placing a quota on their giving.  I believe that God wants us to reach that stage where we can sell everything we have for the pearl of great price, that we can leave all we have and follow Him and not end up like that rich man who all he cared about was his material possessions.  Yeshua looked into the heart of the woman who gave all she had, she didn’t tithe she gave more than the 10% that Christians are supposedly required to give, it wasn’t the fact that she tithed which moved Yeshua but the fact that she was able to let go of her physical needs and give to others, a soul that gives through and out of love is close to God’s heart and God will bless them because they are constantly before Him in comparison to someone who gives to gain something in return.

I do believe that we should give, give freely and sacrificially just like God through Yeshua gave to us.  In order to do this we need to be led by the Spirit of God, Holy Spirit and not the law, that is why we have Holy Spirit, Christians do not live by the letter of the law but by God through His Spirit in us.  When we give led by and through Holy Spirit that is when we will be doing God’s will and not man’s, for some they may feel like God wants them to give 10% some less and some more, but each one according to how it has been purposed in the heart through Holy Spirit.  I repeat that everyone who makes tithing compulsory is not only placing the individual under the law but I would also add that they are possibly incurring a curse on themselves, if not from God (as only time will tell) but through those who unwillingly hand over their money.  You may not realise or believe it but if they utter any words against you in their heart or out loud there will be a judgement against you:

9Beware that there be not a thought in thy wicked heart, saying, The seventh year, the year of release, is at hand; and thine eye be evil against thy poor brother, and thou givest him nought; and he cry unto the LORD against thee, and it be sin unto thee.

10Thou shalt surely give him, and thine heart shall not be grieved when thou givest unto him: because that for this thing the LORD thy God shall bless thee in all thy works, and in all that thou puttest thine hand unto.

Deut 15: 9-10

It is much better for you to teach free will sacrificial giving rather than condemn yourself in God’s eyes, the words of a righteous person are powerful let alone the words of man period.

Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

2 Corinthians 9: 7

The principles of giving

We can not ignore the fact that tithing existed neither can we ignore the fact that the Bible teaches in many places that the more we give the more we receive back; but what I want to focus on is our understanding of the word tithe for one.  We really need to have an understanding of the tithe system because the tithe according to how it was understood in ancient Israel is not the same tithe taught in the church, if you wish to find out more about the tithing system of ancient Israel please check out the links before this update.

I don’t believe that tithing is relevant to the church for the reasons stated in these links, and to say that God wants us to extend the tithe to money and outside of the land of Israel would be making God a liar.  If we believe God to be all powerful and all knowing, then God would have foreseen the issue faced by the church and clarified it in some way.   I believe that as professing bible-believing Christians that we need to separate the tithe from giving, God still wants us to give but the tithe is not required of us.

The principles of the tithe can also be found in any form of giving done with the heart of God, and this should be the focus of any offering that we give to the church, to our fellow brethren and to the poor and needy.

  1. Honouring God – all giving honours God not just our tithe but also our offerings.
  2. developing and increasing responsibility to the brethren and our fellow man
  3. a form of praise, worship and thanksgiving to God, every time we give we magnify and glorify God.
  4. supporting those who have been called to feed and tend God’s sheep

I believe that this is the Spirit and the principle of the tithe which is also present in our giving and offerings.  We give to bless and not to receive, we give to uplift and not to condemn, we give glorify our God and not for self-improvement.  If we don’t give for these reasons we better not give at all.


25 thoughts on “Debate: the question of tithing

    1. Hi, that’s why I included the links they contain scriptures with explanations. I think I need to clarify that I am not saying that Christians shouldn’t give, I believe they should give because this is God’s desire. I am more concerned with the teaching that you tithe money to your local church for a blessing. Please have a look at the links which explain much more than I do?

      I know this area is contentious but how else can we learn, grow or challenge ourselves if we don’t discuss these difficult issues?

    2. The tithe isn’t a money issue but a heart issue. If God can’t trust us for 10 cents (U.S.) on a dollar, how can he trust us in other things. God certainly doesn’t need our money since His supply is unlimited.

      Someone once described a sacrifice as, “something given that comes with a cost.” When you give, tithe, and it doesn’t come with a cost then it truly isn’t a sacrifice. Prosperity isn’t just money it is wholeness but we think of money when churches talk about being prosperous. Hebrews 13:15 talks about “offer up to God a sacrifice of praise,” but if the sacrifice doesn’t cost us something it isn’t an acceptable offering. Again it’s not a wallet principle in tithing it’s a heart condition principle.

      The WORD Detective

      1. Hi Mel, hope you had a great break. God has given us so much we should unsparingly give back to Him because we love Him and want to, not because it is a requirement, obligation or law. I don’t believe in the tenth, I believe that it is another area where the church has taken something out of context for it’s own ends, God doesn’t need our money but desires our heart Deut 6:5. I think this season should put in perspective what God has done for us and how much we are willing to give to Him, if we are not willing to lay down our all we have not sacrificed anything. I am praying that I can love YAH with all that I am and all that I have.

      2. You are right about a sacrifice, but I must add it is a money issue directly tied to our hearts! For where our treasure is our hearts will be also. The question of the tithe for me is obsolete, because as a living sacrifice, as a disciple I’m called to lay down it all, He’s Lord over the 10% and the other 90%. My 10%is just a beginning, He might be lead me to give more, or do more! Blessings.

      3. Amen 🙂 I think if we all had the same spirit that focuses on sacrificially giving rather than receiving the Body of Christ would be so much more authentic and spirit-filled. I know God wants to use His people to do amazing things, but our focus is so limited to what is being fed down to us rather than meeting with God in His oracle.

  1. Hi Florence.
    Firstly I hope you are well and enjoying this lovely spring weather.
    This is a very good question and I think you have answered it well by saying we should be cheerful givers. Even in Old testament times tithing was only for certain sections of Jewish society and has no place for re-born Christians.Jesus said we do not live by the law and should concentrate on more important things.
    But if you feel God is telling you to give, do it generously but also with wisdom.
    Today too many leaders of the the modern day church (TV Evangelists, Anglican, Roman Catholic church etc are using money to use or hoard for their own purposes. How rich is the Roman Catholic church?
    Out of Joyce Meyers turnover of £120,000,000 only 10% is spent on good works.Check that your church is giving and not just taking.
    God Bless

    1. Hi Noddy, how are you??? It was Eke’s birthday yesterday so we went for a day trip to Cambridge it was lovely.

      I agree with what you have said here Noddy, the key here is to give cheerfully and not under compulsion. You might be interested in watching the video that Sheldon listed in his comment, it’s quite interesting.

      1. Hi Florence,
        What a lovely place Cambridge is, wonderful on a sunny day and great celebrating Eke’s birthday as well. What could be grander.
        Oxford next ?
        God Bless

  2. Florence,

    Excellent post and an excellent question! You have asked and answered the question. 🙂 You said: “I don’t believe that Christians should ‘tithe’ but I do believe that Christians should give freely.” Your position is Biblical based on the studies I’ve done.

    Sometime last year I had the blessed opportunity of having a debate about the subject of Christians tithing. It started on my old blog but continued via email because of the amount of information going between us. In the debate I argued that we should tithe, even though my grandfather taught “free-will giving” in the many churches he founded, and never taught tithing. I had reservations about the practice of tithing but still had to analyse it thoroughly. The debate presented the opportunity to do so.

    I debated the very gracious Dr. Russell Kelly a Christian who wrote his doctoral thesis on “Should the Church Teach Tithing”, which he expanded into a book of the same name. I began my argument with Abram’s pre-law ‘tenth’ and worked my way through the Old Testament to Malachi. I also discussed the New Testament scriptures that preachers currently use to justify tithing. Dr. Kelly meticulously argued that tithing was for the Israelites, wasn’t done with money in those days but with the fruit of the land. He also argued that tithing did not apply to Christians but that free-will giving does.

    The debate was a real blessing for me and shed light on many misconceptions about tithing that are currently used to support the practice in Churches worldwide. I was satisfied with the Biblical evidence presented by Dr. Kelly against Christians tithing and for Christians giving freely.

    Dr. Kelly did a public debate in London with a prominent pastor sometime ago and I am including the link to those 3 videos here. I hope they are helpful.

    Blessings. 🙂


    1. Hello Sheldon, thanks so much for your comment it really made my day. I will watch the video you included and will most likely make some additions to this post as the holy Spirit moves me too.

      Many blessings to you

  3. Hi Susan, thank you for your words and sharing your thoughts. There is a lot that happens within the church that God is unhappy about, we can already see that in Revelation chapter 2 and 3. I try to be discerning where I give my money to make sure that it goes directly to the people who need it the most whether it is a Christian organisation/ministry or non-Christian. I believe that we are called to witness to non-believers and to extend gifts of love to them and as such as well as giving to the homeless etc. I also let them know who gave them this gift ie. Jesus/Yeshua/God and also try to share whatever word God gives me. I will also try to write a bit more in this post to revise it.

    I really enjoyed your youtube videos Susan,

    God bless xxx

    1. Dear Florence can you please delete that post as it was too long and I don’t feel the Holy Spirit within is happy about some of it. It sounds too unloving. I know we have to help all who are put in our path… but only ones we can be a witness too.
      I just doubt that some Christian aid groups and charities really represent the LORD to unbelievers. Anyway that is not my business.
      I should have prayed first.
      I’m rewriting it as a post for my site because this is very good subject matter.
      So I will re-word a shorter essay here. Lots of Love in Yeshua. God bless you too.
      (so delete this too! and we can start again. LOL)
      Thanks… Susan.

      1. I want to study the subject further… and watch the links you provided…
        But for right now… yes, those who want to “give tithes plus offerings” should stone sinners, not eat pork / bacon / prawns or un Kosher meals, not touch the dead, sacrifice animals for sins and circumcise themselves and children. (Paul said if you want to keep the circumcision law then you have to keep all of them. He also said Christ is of no benefit to you who trust in the law.
        These were all part of the daily laws written by Moses for Israel and I have heard, were placed on the outside of the Ark.
        (different to the 10 Commandments which are eternal and began with Creation… resting on the 7th day / Sabbath etc. and were written by the finger of God Himself and put INSIDE the Ark of the Covenant. The priests carried that Ark on their shoulders. Symbolizing that we “carry” them in our NEW hearts and minds “within” us. Jer. 31:31
        They are about the righteous way of living as YAHWEH’s people in this world.)
        God bless Susan.

      2. Hi Susan, I have to do a bit of research myself… I never knew about the other commandments being written on the outside of the ark and the ten commandments on the inside.

  4. Reblogged this on I am a Vessel of God and commented:

    Additions to the original post on tithing which I feel led to share, for the additions please see the subheading which reads additions half way down post. I would also ask you to listen to the debate on tithing hosted on Revelation TV (see Sheldon’s comment for link) and to really examine your heart for why you tithe if you are a tither.

    Shalom and blessings to you

  5. It’s marvelous the way the Lord works. I am postulating a return to blogging and tithing is a topic I am considering adressing. That is to say that I was. Great, Biblically sound article. Love it.

    A bit of tithing trivia… if a person was to tithe money instead of gifts, the law required an additional 5 percent. . . . So that means that tithers who are giving ‘ten percent of their gross monthly income’ out of presumed obedience to God’s Word, are in error even in that. I seem to have read a warning about false teachings and false teachers in tthe Name of Christ….


  6. Hi Florence, a weighty topic for sure but an important one Jesus talks about tithing (See below) I agree with you 100% if our giving is not from the heart forget it it’s just straw. Our hearts should want to keep the Law not out of fear but Love.

    I don’t have a lot of money being on a Disability Pension but I always have enough and everything including my home is the Lords, If I want to give extra or need something the money is always there for me. Once I had the wrong focus, I suffered because it lead to sin but then I repented and learnt God provides… His work done in His way never lacks His supply.

    Matthew 23:22 “Woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faith. These you ought to have done, without leaving the others undone. (NKJV)

    Romans 3: 31 Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea, we establish the law.

    Christian Love Anne

  7. Great post! I’m glad somebody has gotten us talking about this. I would like to add that there is a certain kind of spiritual growth that only comes from tithing. We discover that God is the God of resupply. When I give away the best of what I have, I learn to trust that God will fill me again. This develops a heart in me that doesn’t need to hoard. I’m generally the kind of person that wants to do this. So, tithing is crucial to my spiritual formation.

    I also wonder what you think about churches that are starting to allow members to give through automatic deductions from their bank accounts? Is there something about the regular practice of putting the offering in the plate that shapes us every week? Does the ease of electronic giving subvert something God might be trying to do in our soul? What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Dan,

      tithing and giving are separate concepts in my eyes, one is based on faulty scriptural interpretation whilst the other is based on biblical truth. I have struggled to give in times past, but when God showed me how much He desires us to give I prayed to God to change my heart to enable me to give more not just financially but in all areas of my life.

      We should give (it’s biblical) this is definitely something which liberates us and helps us let go of the world. In relation to your last point, if we don’t know that we are giving then it’s not really giving so it defeats the business.

      1. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and render unto GOD what is GODs. What in the world does that have to do with the tithe? Remember this one fact! The Lord speaks specific! He is the true truth! so when it comes down to it, let EVERY MAN be a LIE! and let GOD BE TRUE! So let’s only speak about things that we know (studied) and not what we’ve heard lest we lie and lead others astray. Back
        up everything with scripture and prove all things. I also believe that: Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s was referring to a literal tax imposed by Caesar. But render unto GOD what is GODs” is something that I believe Him to be saying: render the all of you to GOD, mind, body and soul in full service, day and night. The body of Christ is suffering because we are willingly ignorant. We will not study/read for ourselves. We rather be lazy and depend on a man/pastor/preacher instead of Jesus the one that saved us. Remember! Christ is the Head! everyone else is the body and that includes your pastors and bishops. They are merely your fellow servants. Everything that you want to know concerning TRUTH is all found in the WORD. If you want to know about the tithes, take time out and commune with the Lord in His Word and He with show you The Truth about the tithe, if you really want to know! The tenth/tithe is simply of a food source and has been given to a specific tribe of Israel, the Levites! Numbers 18. The tenths/tithes is not on a filthy buck but on FOOD! and I challenge anyone to find in scripture where the tenths have been changed from food to money by the Lord Himself or where is it written any where in the scriptures that the tenths/tithes have been transferred from the Levitical priesthood and given to a gentile minister/preacher/pastor/prophet/bishop. We are all priests in the body of Christ. Please don’t believe that lie that they did not have money back then because that is a huge lie, study it for yourself. This false tithe that men take today and it’s frequency is not found written anywhere in my Bible according to my 4 years of research. Can anyone tell me if they have received a poor tithe or did you even know that it existed? What about the festival tithe? this tithe was eaten before the Lord in the place that he would prescribe. We were all duped by following man/pastors with the book of Malachi, and it’s our own fault! All we had to do was to read the book of Malachi starting with chapter 1. The Lord clearly say’s who He is speaking to, and it is not us. He tells you plainly who is robbing him and what nation he is talking to, the scripture did not say the ENTIRE WORLD. He is speaking to a specific people in a specific nation, and if I may say the windows of Heaven is simply rain, and meat in MY house is simply food and the devourer is literary insects/bugs eating up the crops. So the question is! why are these ministers telling us this falsehood, it isn’t but two reasons why. They are unlearned and are following the traditions of men or they are doing this intentionally, either way they are wrong. If by tradition of men! then why are you telling people things that you know not about, or on the other hand, if done intentionally! it is our job to confront these wicked ministers and to expose them, or continue to sin with them. Remember! there is no mediator between GOD and man but JESUS alone, NOT any PASTOR or any man, they are just your fellow servant. Also why do we give to one man/pastor? The scripture says that he is to get his living from the Gospel NOT TO MAKE his living off the Gospel. Have we lost our minds! Why do we continue to give to one man and neglect our brother or sister sitting right next to us? Have you ever realized that you have to wait mystically, in faith, on your financial blessing! but the pastor gets his right off the top which takes no faith at all. So either the Lord loves a certain part of the body more than the other, or we have this thing all wrong. Listen, if I have anywhere from 3000-30,000 people that I have convinced to give me money every Sunday and Wednesday plus twice in one day! and some Monday’s! then guess what? I’m paid, and this does not include the unscriptural 10% tithe that they take/demand, that does not belong to them. Sorry, but for the most part the gathering should be for those that have a need, that the needs of the people might be met. We are all guilty of making one brother/pastor/fellow servant wealthy and left all others in the same body lacking, and then we actually believed that this foolishness was from the Lord, to boot! Why would we keep giving to one person that is obviously well supplied and fed. We knew to stop in our hearts when we seen the Mansions and Rolls Royce’s plus the benze’s. What part of this resembles Jesus, john the baptist, or any of the Apostles. We have over paid these pastors/members in the body of Christ and don’t even realize that we have done evil. This is not what took place in the early Church as per the book of Acts. They at least tried to meet the needs of the brethren that there would be no lack, and I don’t mean making one rich or excusing anyone from working a job. Let’s get one thing straight, these pastors, preachers, bishops, and alleged prophets are NOT Apostles. You all know full well that you can’t find any of the apostles or Christ himself asking for or receiving a tithe. How could they? When all of the tithes were given to the tribe of Levi, the Levitical priesthood by GOD for the work they do for serving at the meeting tent, and that’s within the boundaries of Israel. So let’s stop equating these gentile pastors and bishops to the tribe of Levite or The High Priest, in which JESUS CHRIST himself alone is now our High Priest and not any man. By the way, who told you as a gentile to pay a tithe? was it a man or the Lord? Before you answer, back up your answer with scripture and not with what a man told you. That would be putting man before God. To really know the truth about the tithe and any other partial or snippet of scripture that you think that you were taught by these alleged pastors, you would have to step away from the visible Church house and go directly to your source, The Word of God and ask the One that created you, saved you and The one that you plan on spending all of eternity with, and see if He will help you. Also the visible Church is not the Church nor the Temple, the people that make up the body of Christ is the true Church and our bodies are the temple, in fact any body in the body of Christ is the Church. Be not deceived! quite a bit of these ministers may have started off well, but have become overtaken by money or fame (egged on by the people) and their own ego. Remember! you cannot serve mammon and God. If you think that this can be accomplished by the majority of ministers, just see if they will sell all and give to the poor. OK, lets try this, how many people do you know personally that have been healed? 1 person 2 people? half of the people or all of the people? how many delivered? how many raised from the dead? or how many made wealthy among you? as if the gospel was delivered to us to make us wealthy. The scriptures say that the poor you have with you all way, so you see that we have a conflict! lot of these ministers say that you are suppose to be rich. So who’s lying here? We know it’s not The Word of God. We have fallen into all of this false teaching and twisting of scripture because we will not study! or in better words: commune with GOD through JESUS in His Word, The Bible. We have substituted getting to know our Husband The LORD by not studying, and have looked instead for brownie points by going out to a building that we call the Church every Sunday and Wednesday and saying within ourselves that this should be a credit to my account for getting into Heaven, knowing full well that we have not learned anything, but you can say that the Choir was nice! or things like! he sure did preach! He preached what? Do you mean that he was entertaining? because for the most part the saint that has been saved for any period of time have already heard this same message. We’ve heard the gospel preached, received the Gospel and are now saved. So why do you keep listening to the Gospel message again and again after you have believed and received. Shouldn’t we ought to be spreading the gospel after we have received it? Congregating is nice, but how is this developing your relationship to get closer and closer to the Lord? For the most part these ministers/pastors are not going to encourage you to move on in the Lord by insisting that you study to further prepare yourself for your own work in the Lord, because we are all in the body for a reason to do something. But why wouldn’t they tell you this? First you might learn and know more than they do, and second, they may have a fear of you leaving thus losing headcount, funds/money. We were never saved/called to follow a man to this degree. I have personally never met a true pastor. I’ve met a lot of preachers. A true pastor is a somewhat overseer and warns the people in hopes of not losing any brother or sister in Christ. So what is a mega Church? by the way this place we call the Church is actually a meeting place and it does not take a million dollar building, tents and folding chairs will do. But if you say you go to a “mega Church” then who is overseeing you properly? or if you have a “mega Church” how are you overseeing thousands? Also as a large side note, or pretty much a question, Please show me in scripture this message that these ministers are preaching about health wealth and prosperity or any of these raising-money a-thons. Where and when did Jesus or any of the Apostles carry this message? We fall into many hurtful things by not knowing the scriptures. Do you people realize how many times these pastors have sent their children to college on your money while you can’t send your own kids? and buy these huge homes with the people money while you can barely afford pay your rent and bills? or do you even care? Do you think that these people are more loved or special than you in the sight of THE LORD? really? Interestingly the Apostle Paul worked a job and provided for himself and if I’m correct I believe he said that he helped those around him. Although Paul received some help here and there, he also said that he rejected the people’s gold(money) and fine raiment. So are we saying that these pastors are above the Apostle Paul? Absolutely NOT! unless we have lost our minds completely. Have we? People! we are bordering on Idolatry by placing a man above Christ or on the same level as Christ. This is a grave error and should be stopped immediately! I believe that we have lost perspective. This way of thinking did not come from above. As for the entire body of Christ, let no man deceive you. Let no man take your crown nor give it to him. Let no man/pastor/bishop or alleged prophet tell you that you have nothing to say as a member in the body of Christ. Please remember that you were personally invited to the wedding feast by The One who saved you and not by man. You are very important in the body of Christ and let no man tell you otherwise. We should be willing to give all to GOD through JESUS. That is our heart, mind, and body. Please do not be afraid to point this out, speak up and expose any and everything that is not like GOD in accordance to the scriptures, no matter if they be a bishop or a pastor. Do these things internally. Keep JESUS first and endure till the end. Remember! in the world you will have trouble but in him you will have peace, but the Scripture did not say: in the world you will have trouble but in him you’ll be made wealthy. I found out the truth about the tithe and that there is no tithe under The New Covenant about 19 years after being saved and I did not receive it from a man directly. Also, lets not fall for the Abraham argument. Let’s not revert back! The last information that we were given concerning the tithe before the Old Covenant was closed off, is that! The latest and the last update that we have is that The Lord gave all of the tenths/tithe to that particular tribe of Israel, Levi, and there is no known scripture that reverts us back to pre-law, and even if the tithe was supposed to have preceded the Law, be it the Abraham or Jacob tithe, again! the latest and the last update that we have is that The Lord gave all of the tenths/tithe to the tribe of Levi and even if we were to revert back; to whom would we give them to? We would have to find Melchizedek, drum up some spoils of war, give the tenth part, and then give the 90th part back or 90% back, which would leave the tither with zero. None of these ministers/preachers/pastors/bishops/alleged prophets are Melchizedek nor a High Priest. As a side note: I have heard some of the Melchizedek Shem debate. Please read! Please read! Please study for yourselves and repent.

        Your fellow servant in Christ

      2. Hello there,

        thank you for visiting and leaving your comment. You raise a number of interesting points which I am sure will be of great help/insight to many people.

        I do not want to deviate from the actual topic of the post and I feel you have left some good food for thought.

        Obviously it is up to the Holy Spirit to convict us of our actions.

        As you said there is nothing wrong with congregating and we also need to be aware that the aim of this isn’t just to be saved but to continue to grow and to fellowship with one another.

        many blessings of Shalom

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