It’s all about His Kingdom, right?

Check out my latest post on God vs. Mammon in life and work.

Working for His Glory

I need to apologise in advance as this post may be lengthy, but I believe that if you read to the end you will be blessed no matter how small, so please stick with me.

Every believer faces this conflict at least once in their life, but I find that this  issue is more apparent whenever we decide to embark on ministry work or kingdom business.  What is this conflict?  Mammon vs. God.

Mammon is not just money as others would have us believe  as money in itself is not enough to replace God, Mammon is the spirit of the treasures of this world, that which is considered important and glorious in the eyes of the nations: money, status, fame, independence the list goes on.  We have been cleverly indoctrinated into the world’s systems, it’s norms, beliefs and ideals so that we accept that we need money to live…

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