Sunshine award to new friends that make me smile

Another quick post today (I hope) because I’m super busy but, I couldn’t let another day go by without saying thank you to some new friends who do really bless me by giving them the Sunshine Award and You Bless Me badge (see images below).  I would also like to say thank you to my sweet sister in Christ, Rebeca for nominating me, it’s been a little while to get round to it but I’m finally able to sit down and type this post out, thank you so much for thinking of me, you brighten up my days so much (if you don’t know Rebeca please visit her, she really is so sweet).

Sunshine blog award
The Sunshine Blog Award

The requirements of the Sunshine award are as follows (there are no requirements for the You Bless Me badge, it’s just my way of saying thank you for being you):

  • include the image on your blog (done)
  • answer some questions about yourself (see below)
  • nominate another 5 or 10 or 12 bloggers (see below)
  • link to the one who nominated you (done)

The Questions

  • Favorite colors: Forest green and cerulean blue
  • Favorite animal: dolphins, hands down!
  • Favorite number: 7
  • Favorite non-alcoholic drink: water
  • Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
  • My passion: Getting to know my Creator
  • Prefer getting or giving presents? I do love receiving gifts but I think I prefer giving people things they really need.
  • Favorite pattern: leaves and branches (anything floral really)
  • Favorite day of the week: Wednesday and Saturday (my rest days)
  • Favorite flower: calla/arum lilies

The Bloggers (sorry 6 not 5)

Each of these bloggers are unique but they all share one thing that comes across to me so clearly every time I read their blog, how much they love the Lord, so I hope that when you visit them you will also be blessed.

Mel @ The Word Detective

Sharon @ Sharin’ His love

Susan @ Bride of Messiah

S. Morgan @ Epignosis

Deb @ Deb’s blog

Dennis @ Daily Living Ministries



6 thoughts on “Sunshine award to new friends that make me smile

    1. Hi Dolly, at first it was a tough choice between the small furry types of cats, dogs and squirrels, then I remembered how much I loved to watch small birds but then when I recalled the awesome beauty of a dolphin, well that did it for me. xxx

  1. Thank you for Blessing me today!… I take it as a Thank You from Yeshua as well as I have been weeping and concerned for Israel this morning… war is very close it seems. May the Lord protect all who love Him there. The enemy wants Jerusalem but we know YAHWEH will ultimately defend her for Himself and His Messiah.

    I am blessed to know you Florence… another in His Bride watching and waiting.
    Love from Susan.

    ANSWERS: Pink, dogs, 7, tea, neither (WordPress),Yeshua, both, old lace, plain & some floral, Sabbath, Roses

    1. Hi Susan, I am also blessed to know you too 🙂 If you wish to you can nominate other bloggers to bless with either the badge or the award, if you want to know more about the protocol of doing this, just copy what I’ve done on this post and then notify everyone who you wish to nominate. xxx

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