Canada’s read an ebook week

Firstly, I want to send my apologies for not reading or commenting much this week, it’s been a tough couple of weeks for me and I know for many others too but the above headline (see title) caught my eye so I had to share.

Short and sweet!  Canada had their read an ebook week this week, and I thought this was such a great idea especially because many of my online friends and connections who are our spiritual brothers and sisters have written ebooks.  I know one Canadian author Ronnie Dauber was giving away one of her books for free, but even though the offer has ended you can still pick it up at a reduced price.  You do not need a kindle to read as many of these are in pdf or other text versions or you can download kindle’s software for your phone, ipad or pc.  (All links are UK links – sorry!!!)

Even if you are not Canadian, I think Christian ebooks are another great way to receive spiritual encouragement and counselling.  I’m currently reading a book that I found free on Amazon Kindle, it’s called Beginning at the End* it’s main focus is on the book of Job and I’m planning (by God’s grace) to use it for the basis of a video series.

Another great thing is that you can find many ebooks on special offer or even for free at Amazon, Smashwords (Christian free non-fiction and Christian free fiction) and free-ebooks amongst other sites I’m sure.  So, if you are in need of a pick me, try seeing what you can pick up over on the ebook aisle.

Blessings and shalom to you.



2 thoughts on “Canada’s read an ebook week

  1. Half way through Amanda Beths ebook “You can have a happy family”… thanks for the recommendation sis. Going to look into “Beginning at the End”. Wonders of technology… you can see what im reading… I can see what your reading lol! Edifying one another I believe it’s called 🙂

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