Passover Cleanse update and step 4

I can’t believe I’m coming into the fourth week of the cleanse, I should be happy but there are a couple of things that weigh me down at the moment.  I have been in a lot of pain recently, yesterday I went to sleep in pain and today I woke up in pain, I’m at that point of scratching my head and wanting to pull my hair in frustration, why am I still feeling so bad?  The issue is that this time last year I was in a much better state (physically) than I am now, and I know there are probably a number of reasons why this could be the case.  Physically, I’ve not been as strict with myself on this cleanse as I ought to have been, the thought of doing this cleanse scared me so much that I changed a few things to make it more easy going this time around, I need to do this properly from now on.  Secondly, I feel that the more understanding and knowledge God gives you, the more He challenges you to apply His truth to your life, maybe this is another part of His oh so intensive refining process because I am that bit more stronger in Him.  I don’t know and that’s the killer.

But I do know that I have to do this cleansing regime properly and that means making those sacrifices that I’ve been too afraid to let go of, arrrrrgh!  So what do these sacrifices entail?

Last year I ate no more than 20-30grams of carbohydrates a day, that was sooooooo hard, but it worked for me.  This year I have been maintaining my usual level of carbs so now I will cut back not to 30, thank Yah but I will by His grace consume no more than 80g in the first instance but it will probably be 50g.  Around 25g of carbs equals 1 slice of white bread, just so you get the picture!!!

Only 1 tablespoon of Agave syrup or sugar substitute from now on, last week I went a bit over-the-top with my sweet treats 😦  after making the muffins, a few days later I made choc chip flap jacks (I know I’m so ashamed), even my hubby who loves sweet things, thought they were too sweet.

And in addition to this I am staying well away from red meat, every time I eat store-bought meat all i can think about are the hormones, chemicals and genetic tampering that goes in and goes on before it enters my mouth.  No more, my health is way too important to risk it on a beef bolognese.  So as I said before red meat is out the window (grass fed is too expensive at the moment plus £10 minimum delivery charge!)  only organic chicken when I can find it and fish (non canned).

Step 4

Because I’ve been so naughty this last week I’m swapping step 4 to cut out sugary fruits, bye-bye bananas.  There is a great article here on how sugar adversely effects health and if you haven’t already seen it check out this great testimony of a woman who recovered from multiple sclerosis.

My list of low sugar fruits

Small amounts of lemons and limes – why would someone eat a lot anyway?
All berries
Green apples e.g. Granny Smith/Golden Delicious
Possibly some pears
Oh yeah fruit juice (non-sweetened made from the above)

* never eaten in fruit form.

Really I think vegetables should take up the majority of fruit and veg in take so I don’t think I’ll eat more than 3 servings per day, need to keep those fructose levels down.

Anyway, I’ll get back to you next week to let you know how it’s all going.  Please pray for me that God keeps me and strengthens me and gives me the courage to go on, this morning my hubby went to church, it took me hours before I could dredge up enough oooomph to roll out of my bed.  Sometimes the days just seem so bad.

PS.  If you or someone dear to you is suffering from Chronic Pain, you can join a Christian Chronic pain online community plus consider joining the On the Road to Well-being Support Network.


3 thoughts on “Passover Cleanse update and step 4

  1. Oh, Florence, so sorry to hear that you are in pain; I pray that God will encourage you and that you feel better…sending you a BIG HUG, dear one 🙂

  2. Some food for thought Florence… consider we need the Lord’s healing for all areas… physical, mental/emotional (the soul) and spiritual/ heart and that in Hebrew thought we are one being not separate parts. Doctors usually treat symptoms without looking at what else is going on in a person’s life… and without practicing “preventative” medicine at all.
    (although the Word of the Lord does divide soul and spirit… the fleshly/ carnal / ego/ false self / personality… from our inner spiritual life)

    One thing out of harmony always effects an other or even all three.. so with a physical pain or problem we should always look at all areas of our lives.

    As you know… Peaceful Holy Music is a great “aligner”… relaxing the nervous system and the blood pressure.. especially harp music which is sometimes used in hospitals etc. The aim is to disassociate from the “spirit of fear” which is of this world… not of the Father and His Spiritual realm. That fear takes many forms… often called anxiety, stress, worry, doubts, feeling troubled etc. We weren’t designed to experience fear at all. It taxes and wears out our whole being. Love is the perfect “vibration” if I can use that word… and it is a scientific fact that everything in the Universe is vibrating and has a sound as well. “The stars sang at the creation”. Matter under a microscope is vibrating energy and light at it’s core! Who can understand how it manifests and takes form as various kinds of matter?

    There is also this dark matter or energy that the demonic realm embodies and somehow exists and interferes with the Father’s creation… at least temporarily as the Father gives humanity this time to chose whom they will serve. Good or evil? We should learn to sense it straight away as a “foreign object” to us. I was reading in 1 John today, all those beautiful teachings about Love and obeying the Father’s Commandments to believe in His son and love each other. LOOK AT 5:18. This is truly speaking about a way to walk without sinning and the evil one cannot touch us!!!! (as the other night in the dark outside I felt a dark presence behind me but as I spoke Yeshua’s Name the anointing went over me and I walked away with no fear) What wonderful teaching… so little considered as the way to live out the real Christian / Christ like life. I underlined every time the word Love was used by dear John. Rightly he has been called John the Beloved for he was the closest disciple to Yeshua… leaning on his chest and hearing his secrets. He is a type of the Bride of Messiah.

    So Shalom… wellness and wholeness… the Heavenly “serenity”… completely free of fear to you as you seek to yield the whole self into alignment with His “Shem”… the Holy Name YAHVEH… or I AM.

    For Sacred Meditation… on the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit…use what the angels sing to the Most High Elohim in Heavenly places…(one way that God’s will may be “done on earth as it is in heaven”… for we can sing the same song)

    “Holy Holy Holy Adonai Tsebayoth”…. “Heaven and earth are full of Your Glory” etc.

    Also stand on… “By His stripes we are healed” Isaiah 53… (change it to say I am healed) and it will surely come to pass… when we speak this Word.. it will not return to Him void but will accomplish what He sent it to do. “He sent His Word and it healed them”… then of course the Father sent the Son, His Word in Person to us.

    May the LORD God our Heavenly Father bless you mightily right NOW with Spiritual Blessings from heavenly Places where we sit with Christ!
    Love from Susan!

  3. Thank you dear Susan for this comment, you have covered so much here but I agree with all you have said, one day I will tell you about the a visitation I had after I prayed to God about my healing when I first became ill, well in a nutshell He gave me one word that I could remember when I awoke, that word was ‘balance’. With your permission I would like to post this comment on the healing website or possibly for use in an upcoming booklet, let me know what you think.

    Your sister xxx

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