Does God still heal people?

This is the first (I hope) teaching and encouragement video on God’s desire to really heal His children, please feel free to share with others.

Blessings and shalom in Messiah


5 thoughts on “Does God still heal people?

  1. That’s a really Big question .It is in God’s will.Permanent physical healing must end, as our bodies perish. Spiritual healing is more important as it will last into eternity. Knowing Jesus and his peace makes all the difference in times of difficult.

    1. Hi Noddy, so great to hear from you 🙂 How are you and your family? How is Tol? Yes you are right spiritual (spirit and soul) healing is by far the most important, when our soul prospers so does our physical self, in whatever way God will have it.

      Blessings to you and yours

      1. Hi, Its good to hear from you.I hope all your family are well, ours are all good.We are up in London with the Grandchildren on Saturday for a show and again on the 17th to see Lion King (birthday treat).Tol was good the last time I went, although Stan has been off for two weeks being quite ill. I have missed the last two meetings as one of our closest friends was extremely ill in hospital and we have been visiting in the evenings. Are you on facebook? Can I be your friend? I hope so!!!
        Love to you both.

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