Passover Cleanse update and step 3

What can I say right now I’m happy!!!  The sun is shining, the weather has become milder (people were not wearing coats at all yesterday!!!) and God has been ministering to me and my husband about the same things 🙂  If you notice the number of exclamation marks I’ve used so far you can probably tell that I’m feeling quite excited.  Why am I so happy?  Well, God has been very good to us (husband and I).  Over the last month, my husband has been quite ill and had to go on a course of medication which made him even worse due to complications; in my trying to be gentle and sensitive way I have been ministering to him re the dangers of pharmaceuticals and he had been quite set against trying any herbal/natural alternatives but in a truly gentle and sensitive way God did His work and convicted my husband to not only try out herbal alternatives (which he now loves and can’t get enough of) but to also join me on my cleanse so now I have an encouragement buddy… so happy, thank you Abba!

Yesterday, I went to visit one of my favourite shops, it’s an organic herbal and whole food shop in Stoke Newington, London.  While I was there I spoke to a lovely lady who helped me find some herbs for my husband and also something for myself which I will mention in a moment.  During the course of the conversation I mentioned that I found it difficult to tolerate certain foods and she directed me towards a ‘neutral’ product i.e. one that had not been a by-product of a living organism that would suit me better, I really felt the need to cleanse out my digestive system after introducing all the whole grains into my diet so she gave me a pack of organic Bentonite Clay.  She asked me about my health in general and I spoke to her about the condition that I had been diagnosed with (auto-immune condition) she then explained that nearly 70% of all chronic health conditions were treatable by 2 changes: lifestyle and diet.  We spoke a bit about faith, she had guessed I was a Christian, I asked her how she knew, her reply was that she has always found it easier to talk to people who have faith (opportunity for evangelism here).  Anyway, I digress.

The reason why I slotted this incident in is that God had been speaking to me about taking the next step on my healing journey.  I’m doing the lifestyle thing now and have been ever since I first started listening to God’s voice in relation to finding my healing but now I feel that He wants me to tackle my diet.  Last year when I was cleansing my diet changed and I felt better than I had for ages, but over time and with bad decisions I started to feel worse again, this year I’m feeling that God wants me to start to make some permanent or move towards more permanent dietary changes.  I had contemplated doing two raw meals per day, I still might do that at some point in time but as the nice lady at the health store told me following a raw diet is the other extreme from growing up as a meat-eating, junk food loving individual.  I have prayed about this and feel convicted on two things:

  1. that God wants me to really cut down on meat (particularly red meat) and eat more fresh fish in the first instance and that if I do eat meat that it should be grass-fed organic meat.  And …
  2. to start to produce my own organic rice milk (long story but if you are from the US you probably know a lot more about Monsanto than I do, if not here is a great link which speaks of the danger of some foods which we may regularly consume.

So I have been doing some research and feel about ready to take the next step in God’s healing journey for me, I’m excited but also a bit nervous because it seems like such a new and big step for me.  This week I will be ordering my first batch of organic grass-fed beef and will be using this recipe which tells me how I can make 500g of mince last 8 meals!!!  It will be interesting for me to see how many weeks I can make 8 meat meals last, I’m aiming at four!!!  I will also be cooking up my first batch of rice milk (gulp) but here’s the recipe formula that I will be using.  I will also be experimenting with some delicious yet nutritious snacks for when I need sugar rush and stocking up on a selection of frozen or fresh fish depending on budget.  I think the main thing for hubby and self will be changing the way we cook and incorporating less meat and more fish and vegetables into our diet, if you have any meal ideas please feel free to share them.

Step 3 of the Passover Cleanse

If you missed the intro to the cleanse and the first two steps then you can find out more about my Passover Cleanse journey here.  Anyway, back to the Passover Cleanse, this week we will be getting rid of ‘bad fats’, the issue of what is a good vs. a bad fat is a very controversial issue.  We all need fats in our everyday diet and it is recommended that our fat intake should be no more than 30g per day, but which types are best for us?  I grew up believing that unsaturated fats were better than saturated fats, but this is not strictly true.  I don’t want to go into the ins and outs of it all, but I will say that the verdict is not out on whether polyunsaturated fats are as good as what we are being led to believe just Google polyunsaturated fats and auto immune illness or cancer for an alternative view-point with research to back this up and also Google saturated fats and health.  Here are a couple of links to save you some time, effort and energy.

So based on everything I’ve read I have drawn the conclusion for myself to stay away from poly fats and to stick with Mono and saturated fats as best as possible.  As I have always cooked with sunflower, corn, vegetable oil and the like this proved a bit of a conundrum for me, but thank God that He has created such an abundance of different fats and oils that we can use.

  • Olive oil which has to be God’s absolute favourite can be used for dressing salad or in the oven as it has a very low melting point which means high heats takes away all it’s goodness.  Go for Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil (EVOO).
  • Rice bran oil which I love to use, the organic kind is hard to get a hold of in the UK but NHR does stock it, but be warned it’s pricey.  I use RBO for all my cooking needs.
  • Organic Virgin Coconut oil is fantastic for cooking with and it has so many benefits including being an anti-fungal, I use this sparingly as I also include it in my home-made body butters.
  • Another good oil is Rapeseed oil, again go Organic but if you can tolerate nuts than there are some great nut oils that are low in Polys.
  • Because I can’t tolerate dairy, fats are much more of an issue for me, but I have recently discovered that I can cook with Organic food grade Shea Butter and use it as a replacement for normal butter/margarine on toast etc., it gives food a slight nutty taste (this is a tree nut so you may be able to tolerate it if you have a nut allergy but be careful).  Other alternatives include animal fats such as Goose fat and beef dripping, which should also be organic.  In step 6 I will also cover how to choose your dairy wisely for butter fans.
  • Other good raw fats include olives, avocados, coconuts, nuts and seeds.

I have already implemented many of these oils into my cooking practices so I think the main thing for me will be consistency.  All of these oils and fats are highly nutritious and healing so I hope to write about the attributes of each in  the future.  If you do decide to join me on the cleanse please let me know what is going well for you and what you’re struggling with and maybe we can support each other.

Blessings in Messiah.


4 thoughts on “Passover Cleanse update and step 3

  1. Sweet one . . .you are amazing. God bless you as you listen to Him and learn what to do, what is best for you. Thank you for taking us along and sharing what you are doing to make the changes necessary. You are a blessing!

    1. Dear Debbie thank you and thank God because He chooses to make known His desire in so many different ways everyday. I am definitely still learning but hope that it will provide an alternative view to health and healing for God’s precious children. Really love your simple poetry. xxx

  2. Dear Florence,

    This was very informative and I am so happy that you and hubby can do the cleanse together…it makes such a difference to have a buddy! I cook w/ olive oil and vegetable oil (that has not been treated with a petroleum solvent), but it sounds like veg. oil is bad? Will check out your links… love to you 🙂

    1. Hi Dolly, so glad you stopped by and glad that you found the post informative. Yes, vegetable oil is not very good for you, especially if you don’t know what type of oils are included in it e.g. canola is said to be very bad for you.

      Love u back 🙂

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