On when to start your ministry…

Working for His Glory

So many of us have a desire and a passion to start in ministry or perform some work or business that glorifies God and I think this is great but… (Yes, you heard it coming) we need more than desire or passion to right a wrong or to help/encourage others if we want the ministry to be effective and successful.  The success of a ministry is not built on how worthwhile we believe something is or how much work we are willing to put in to make it bear fruit, a truly successful and effective ministry is the result of being in step with and in submission to God’s will 101% of the way.

I once heard it said that any injustice/need which caused a passion to be stirred within you was your life’s calling…. yes and no.  I’ve had enough failures in ministry and business to know that…

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5 thoughts on “On when to start your ministry…

  1. Great post. So much truth in what you say. The older I get, the more I realize that my main ministry is unto my Father, worshiping and focusing my heart on Him. In that place He and I become one as He changes how I think and act into the image of Christ. And, boy, is there much more to change than we ever realize! But then, in this process, we fall so deeply in love and His truth becomes so firmly grounded in us that we find ourselves living it with each moment, with each one who crosses our path. And suddenly we discover, we are ministering 🙂 I love His ways!

    As a dear, mature brother in the Lord told me the other day, we have all been chasing ministry for too long. The Kingdom is “at hand.” We need to focus our hearts on our Lord and let His life pour through us to what is “at hand.”

    Blessings my friend!!

  2. I loved what you said here: “and suddenly we discover, we are ministering.”

    Yes, ministry is a lot more about what God is doing in us than what we can do for others.

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.

    In His love xxx

  3. A shepherd tends and feeds the sheep. But if he has no food, I imagine he will start to beat the sheep as they beg for it. Or hand them over to another shepherd who has food to give them.

    My point is, a good shepherd must love the sheep, as God loves us. If he has not focused on God, how can his sheep receive God’s food. And if he is feeding food that he himself produces, it is not food at all but processed GMO.

    When you teach/preach, you point. And when you point to something with your one finger, you have three other fingers pointing back at you. So be careful how you point, and with what motive you point. As it will reflect 3 times more on your own soul than the one you have pointed to.

    My prayer has always been for God to fill me up to overflowing so others may benefit from His blessing me. But I have realized that the only way to be filled in this way is to turn and present your vessel to God. Otherwise how can he fill it, and if it’s filled with ‘your’ stuff, how can he fill it?


      1. I was thinking of a person who is not prepared for the task. Has not managed his own affairs well, has no food to feed but draws sheep in as though he did.

        When the sheep start to beg for the food he is supposed to feed them, he being an irresponsible, unreliable, ungodly person (for not doing the right thing of preparing himself with God’s covering and food) he will most likely start to beat (spiritually) the sheep, so scattering them.

        I’m trying to describe a wolf, a false teacher, a foolish shepherd….. One that can not feed the sheep but acts as though he can, and will. They usually attack the sheep they have gathered.

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