Broken Believers

It hurts me to know that there are so many broken people in the world, living in this world is hard I get it but don’t like it.  Lately, God has been reaching into the deepest and darkest core of me and bringing out secrets that I have been storing, as ever decaying food to nibble on yesterday and today.  I have really known despair.  But, I am heart-broken to find that so many of my brothers and sisters are living in pain, broken and rejected by those people who should be closest to helping them.  It’s not a crime to be hurting and broken, yet many a time other Christians make us feel like it is, hurting people are ignored because of fear or self-righteousness I don’t know and these people are left to go it alone.  Have you ever known someone who has committed suicide because there was absolutely no one to be their friend?  I am so glad that when I needed help and those in the ‘church’ didn’t want to help me that God sent His angels to show me unconditional love, I will never forget those people because God used them to reach out to me and pull me up from the creatures in the deep, dark waters.  Won’t you be the same for someone who is hurting today?

I have recently joined a community of Believers called Broken Believers, sometimes the responses of people to comments are so dark, won’t you pray for these people who God will keep them and send His angels to do for them what He did for me.  I firmly believe that it is part of my ministry to help people who are hurting but I know very well that I can not do it alone, I need you, just like you need me and every other member of God’s family, won’t you help us?

Mending a broken vesselI would invite you to visit the BB website and also make a note of my own ministry website where I hope to post videos as God leads me to.  Please do not forget that the cross you carry is to strengthen you to minister to others, please use your talents to reach out to others.  You can also join me in prayer here.

Here is a poem a posted a while ago which I think captures some of the disillusion and confusion a broken believer faces.

An Invisible God

Wishing you peace and love in Messiah

“For He knows our frame,
He remembers that we are dust”

Psalm 103: 14

4 thoughts on “Broken Believers

  1. I want you to know that you are not alone my friend there are others who I call God’s Remnant people who He is preparing and they are coming to the for-front of their calling. These people who are God’s remnant has heard the voice of the Lord, they are ready to do His will and they have cried and spared not. The harvest is so ripe now for the workers and though there are few I am believing in my heart that more will be coming because God is preparing His Remnant of people who are serious about the Lost and Salvation.


    God bless you keep the faith and stay focus while pressing on.

    Minister Desiray
    The Devotion Cafe, Inc.

  2. I think encouragement is such a huge part of the Christian body, and yet we so easily toss it to the side. We forget that we are all in this boat together, traveling this narrow road. As we are the body of Christ, we need to build each other up so that the whole body may be strengthened. This world is dark and painful at times and as His people we are not promised an easy life here on earth. We need to remember to pray for and encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ.
    Thanks for this reminder, Florence! 🙂

    1. Dear Rachel, thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment, it’s a sad reality that we tend not to notice the need for support or encouragement until we have a need for it ourselves. I’m praying that the congregation of Christ will acknowledge this need and not brush it away as if it’s a pesky fly… we are truly nothing without one another.

      Continue to find courage and strength in Him and let’s support each other on this journey.

      Love, blessings and peace in Him.

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