The Passover Cleanse

This Monday I will begin a period of cleansing that I have dubbed the Passover cleanse which as the name suggests is a period of cleansing in preparation for the Passover and Shavuot (Pentecost).  If you haven’t heard about it I’m not surprised, it’s not something associated with any denomination I have come across (except I know that Catholics tend to give something up for Lent), this is something that God first led me to embark on last year and I feel so excited to be entering into this period again this year.  I can’t begin to explain how starting and completing this fast/cleanse blessed me, but I saw many little miracles during that time in my body, soul and spirit which I have carried through until today.  I firmly believe that this year’s cleanse will continue God’s refining and sanctification process and lead me that bit closer to my healing.

Yeshua Jesus fasting in wilderness desert
A time of spiritual cleansing and awareness

 What makes the Passover Cleanse so special?

The Passover Cleanse (PC) focuses on getting rid of leaven in our life (body, soul and spirit) on the outside it looks very much like a yeast elimination diet but I found it to be so much more.  God really used this time to address the leaven that was buried in me (soul and spirit) that was leavening the whole lump; it was an intense period of sanctification.  So many buried truths concerning my perception of myself, relationships and spiritual issues were revealed and God really told me one thing during that time which really changed me “I don’t love myself”.  So few words, but a lifetime’s worth of implication!  And so God led me to understand that I am His Vessel hence the title of this blog.  During that time He also helped me find a new hobby, candle-making which is also part of the healing work I believe He has given to me, so from a personal perspective I know how much good has come about from my obedience to the call to go on the PC.


There are two perspectives that can be adopted to understand the Passover cleanse, both have biblical foundations.  The first perspective is based on the fact that the children of Israel were not allowed to eat any leaven during the time of the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened bread; if this perspective is adopted we can view the Passover Cleanse as a pre-Passover Passover!  The second perspective takes the view that not only where the Israelites commanded not to eat any leaven but to rid their homes from leaven and to ensure that their offerings to YHVH contained no leaven during this time.  The bible makes it clear that leaven is associated with sin in both the OT and the NT, therefore we see that Passover has much more to do with cleansing from sin and preparation for sanctification than simply abstaining from leavened bread!  As the temple of the Holy Spirit Paul informs us that we should purge out the old leaven and become unleavened (1 Cor 5: 7-8), to me this is a clear indication that a deeper understanding of Passover Cleanse is needed.   The scripture suggests that it is not enough to simply refrain from consuming leaven but to clean out our homes (body) from leaven so that it becomes unleavened.  It is this second perspective which I adopt for the foundation for carrying out the Passover Cleanse.  I believe to get the best out of any fast we should enter into it with a desire for sanctification, it is with this same spirit that I enter into the PC believing and knowing that God will use it to rid me of leaven both within and without.

Holy Spirit sanctification

Feel like Joining Me?

There are approximately 8 steps in the PC which are loosely based around the Yeast elimination diet; I conduct a new step each week.  As true Passover is dictated by the ripening of Barley in Israel and the first new moon of the year, the PC can last from 8-12 weeks depending on when these are cited; so in essence, I could be cleansing for 12 weeks!  Below is my outline of the PC (which is based around information found on Candida cure recipes and Bee’s Candida website), I have had to make adjustments to my diet anyway for health and faith reasons so I have modified the stages to suit me, please feel free to do the same.  I also try to add positive health behaviours so my focus isn’t just on taking bad things away, the idea is to make your body as inhospitable to Candida as you can so during the entire cleanse one should not eat any fermented foods e.g. alcohol and vinegar or foods which contain yeast, likewise try to eat as many home-made dinners (non-processed) as possible. Warning: be prayerfully prepared for intense highs and lows.

 Steps for completing the Passover Cleanse

Steps 1 and 2

Say ‘No!’ to refined carbohydrates and simple sugars

Step 3

Rid your diet of ‘bad fats’

Step 4

Throw out the gluten

Step 5

No more sweet fruits and natural sugars

Step 6

Choose your dairy wisely

Step 7

Go Low-carb

Step 8

Bye-bye to nuts, seeds and legumes

The aim is to take on a new step each week, please feel free to change the steps around if you wish.

This upcoming week I will be focusing on steps 1 and 2 for one and a half weeks; this is because I have changed my diet quite significantly so adding these two together will give me the extra boost I need to prepare myself mentally for cleansing.  Refined carbs relates to anything that is not whole-grain ie. white flour ( bread, cakes, pasta) and white rice, so basically think brown.  Simple sugars (also refined Carbs) includes table, corn, maple sugars and anything that is sucrose or fructose so this also includes fruit juices (you may have a glass of fruit juice (sugar-free) once a day until step 4.  If you are buying store-bought food check the ingredients for sugar and flour ingredients, you should get used to doing this anyway, if I’m not cooking from scratch I always scrutinise all the ingredients in a packet, tin or jar before putting it in my trolley!

So you might be thinking, “What can you eat during this time?”  Well, you can basically eat:

  • All whole-grain foods
  • Instead of sugar try agave nectar, Yukon syrup or real dried stevia herb

I have to admit that reading over this makes me feel nervous but by God’s grace I will get through just like He led me through last year.


Blessings in Messiah


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