Israel, My Beloved (part 2)

Before watching the videos Below you might want to read my earlier post Israel, My Beloved (part 1) to have an overview on the relationship between Israel and the Church.  I hope that for those of you who are led to, you will find the necessary prayer points to stand beside our sibling (Israel).  I have to thank Abigail for directing me to this amazing video… Bless you my sister.

Israel, My Beloved (Video part 1)

Israel, My Beloved (Video part 2)

Worship music to encourage prayer – when I listen to this song I feel the presence of God’s Spirit so immensely and I am taken to the walls of Jerusalem to intercede on her behalf.

Thank you for taking time to watch these videos may YAH sincerely bless and keep you, b’shem Yeshua (in Jesus’ name).

2 thoughts on “Israel, My Beloved (part 2)

  1. Dear Sister..
    I thank you for these videos… and your heart of love after YAHVEH and His land and people. I have noted how you have been pouring out your heart lately with posts and was going to write to you soon.
    It is very touching to see the map with all the Muslim countries surrounding and completely cutting Israel off… and the Lights in the world flying to her aid.
    However her God is true and Holy to His Word… and He is our God too… YAHWEH ELOHANU!
    I will be doing something about this… will let you know. Am just about to go to bed as it is 5am. so will look up the website.
    Let us pray and stand with the Apple of His Eye… for yes all nations will come against Israel and Yeshua will come and save her. We are here for the greatest event in history. Many will be saved and purified through the Great Tribulation. Yeshua said He will return with His angels AFTER the Tribulation. Mathew 24
    Yes as Esther…. we are here for such a time as this. The Lord joined me spiritualy to Jerusalem over 30 years ago, I started dancing in grapevines steps which I had never seen… then come across the music of Joel Chernoff and started to write songs as well and so God has been preparing me for something ever since. This must be it. It has been a long time coming forth. I only realized some things myself last night as I was writing articles for my Blog.
    Have you seen the prophecies the Holy Spirit has given me about Israel?
    Please email me at about the article (from May 2011) on the “Priesthood and the Holy Spirit… Psalm 141” as I was actually re-writing it at the time you came and left your comment !!!! I had to mark it “Private” while I finish it.Please tell me what you saw?

    Love from Susan… Australia.

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