Natural Healing

If you’ve read the My Story page for this blog, you will know that I started this blog based on God teaching me and leading me in treating myself with love and respect. Writing has been a journey of discovery for me  but the focus has always been on me, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with this per se but over the last few weeks I have been surprised by the number of people who have found my blog because they searched for the illness that I have been diagnosed with.   People searching for Cramp Fasciculation syndrome and associated words have been directed to my blog 52 times and my post on CFS has been read 85 times.  I know how debilitating this illness is and I’m not surprised that sufferers look high and low for how to manage and treat the array of symptoms that they present with.

Over the weekend and particularly yesterday, I felt that God wanted (wants) me to actively reach out to these people so I have decided to start writing about what God has been teaching me regarding natural health.  I’m not saying that I’m an authority on natural health or healing but, I have had a lot of practice with dealing with my own condition and I am still learning every single day.  So if you’re interested in finding more about natural healing and what God has been and is teaching me please look out for these posts.

Natural healingI am actually about to start an 8 week cleanse (body, soul and spirit) in preparation for Passover which I have dubbed the Passover cleanse.  I will write a bit more about this in a separate post later on in the week and will also document my journey each week step-by-step so if you wish to we can go along in this journey together.

Please do not think that all I will be doing is blogging about NH, I still see this blog as a way of learning to grow myself, so you will find a mish-mash of my highs and lows, meditations and revelations on life and the Bible here too.

Blessings and much love in Messiah Yeshua


2 thoughts on “Natural Healing

  1. Nice. We are also a natural organic homeopathic kosher family. Until the recession we ran a small business called Healing Tree Herbals where we provided medicinal salves and rubs made by natural organic herbal infusion. It’s like brewing, knowing what herbs to use for which purpose. Then processing them into salves. We also do Kombucha, colloidal silver, and my fav, soaps. We used to do sat markets and festivals all over the west. We plan on doing it again if the Lord leads a way. So I’m looking forward to seeing your journey here.


  2. Thanks, I’m also interested in your business. I like Kombucha, it’s one of the few fermented things I can consume as I am intolerant to dairy and soya. I would love to know more about your teas and soaps… I sell Christian gift candles in the UK with essential oils (link is on sidebar).

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