Deliciously nutritious oat and banana muffins (with a twist)!!!

As the steps of my Passover Cleanse increase I inevitably begin to miss certain foods, but I am determined to find delicious and nutritious alternatives to those much-loved foods, so here’s my attempt at whole grain breakfast muffins.

oat and banana muffins
Ok, these really are a first attempt, the top ones have lavender and the bottom ones cocoa chunks (oh yes…and they came out slightly burnt).

The inspiration for these muffins really came about from my experience of using bananas and oats in many of my sweet treats… they go sooo well together. 🙂  For a really delicious breakfast why not try half a mashed ripe banana in your oats mmmm.

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Passover Cleanse update and step 3

What can I say right now I’m happy!!!  The sun is shining, the weather has become milder (people were not wearing coats at all yesterday!!!) and God has been ministering to me and my husband about the same things 🙂  If you notice the number of exclamation marks I’ve used so far you can probably tell that I’m feeling quite excited.  Why am I so happy?  Well, God has been very good to us (husband and I).  Over the last month, my husband has been quite ill and had to go on a course of medication which made him even worse due to complications; in my trying to be gentle and sensitive way I have been ministering to him re the dangers of pharmaceuticals and he had been quite set against trying any herbal/natural alternatives but in a truly gentle and sensitive way God did His work and convicted my husband to not only try out herbal alternatives (which he now loves and can’t get enough of) but to also join me on my cleanse so now I have an encouragement buddy… so happy, thank you Abba!

Yesterday, I went to visit one of my favourite shops, it’s an organic herbal and whole food shop in Stoke Newington, London.  While I was there I spoke to a lovely lady who helped me find some herbs for my husband and also something for myself which I will mention in a moment.  During the course of the conversation I mentioned that I found it difficult to tolerate certain foods and she directed me towards a ‘neutral’ product i.e. one that had not been a by-product of a living organism that would suit me better, I really felt the need to cleanse out my digestive system after introducing all the whole grains into my diet so she gave me a pack of organic Bentonite Clay.  She asked me about my health in general and I spoke to her about the condition that I had been diagnosed with (auto-immune condition) she then explained that nearly 70% of all chronic health conditions were treatable by 2 changes: lifestyle and diet.  We spoke a bit about faith, she had guessed I was a Christian, I asked her how she knew, her reply was that she has always found it easier to talk to people who have faith (opportunity for evangelism here).  Anyway, I digress.

The reason why I slotted this incident in is that God had been speaking to me about taking the next step on my healing journey.  I’m doing the lifestyle thing now and have been ever since I first started listening to God’s voice in relation to finding my healing but now I feel that He wants me to tackle my diet.  Continue reading Passover Cleanse update and step 3

2D vs. 3D words

Have you ever thought about how we use words or the nature of language, I mean really thought about it?  I’ve started to read a book by a Christian author called The Language of Love, Forgiveness, Faith, Prayer and Healing: How to Walk in Holiness and Harness the Power of Daily Miracles (Timeless Teaching)*, the book looks at how we use language, one of the things that it mentioned was how one word such as love can mean different things to different people.  This is obviously true; our idea of love is often based on what we have experienced so when someone who has been abused by a loved one hears this word from another person, they are not hearing the same emotion and same reality as that person who may be saying it to them.  We use language to communicate our thoughts, feelings etc. but what happens when our language insufficiently expresses what we want and need it to?

As the book title suggests, the author looks quite closely at the way we communicate love amongst other things.  Leon Gosiewksi gives the example of when Yeshua/Jesus asks Peter “do you love me?” and Peter replied “Yes Lord, You know I love You”.  On the outside it seems that they are both talking about the same thing, but a closer look shows that there is a communication error occurring and we see this more clearly when we look at the Greek.  The Bible says that Yeshua asks of Peter “do you agape me more than these?” and peter responds “Yes, Lord You know that I philo You.” Continue reading 2D vs. 3D words

On when to start your ministry…

Working for His Glory

So many of us have a desire and a passion to start in ministry or perform some work or business that glorifies God and I think this is great but… (Yes, you heard it coming) we need more than desire or passion to right a wrong or to help/encourage others if we want the ministry to be effective and successful.  The success of a ministry is not built on how worthwhile we believe something is or how much work we are willing to put in to make it bear fruit, a truly successful and effective ministry is the result of being in step with and in submission to God’s will 101% of the way.

I once heard it said that any injustice/need which caused a passion to be stirred within you was your life’s calling…. yes and no.  I’ve had enough failures in ministry and business to know that…

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Broken Believers

It hurts me to know that there are so many broken people in the world, living in this world is hard I get it but don’t like it.  Lately, God has been reaching into the deepest and darkest core of me and bringing out secrets that I have been storing, as ever decaying food to nibble on yesterday and today.  I have really known despair.  But, I am heart-broken to find that so many of my brothers and sisters are living in pain, broken and rejected by those people who should be closest to helping them.  It’s not a crime to be hurting and broken, yet many a time other Christians make us feel like it is, hurting people are ignored because of fear or self-righteousness I don’t know and these people are left to go it alone.  Have you ever known someone who has committed suicide because there was absolutely no one to be their friend?  I am so glad that when I needed help and those in the ‘church’ didn’t want to help me that God sent His angels to show me unconditional love, I will never forget those people because God used them to reach out to me and pull me up from the creatures in the deep, dark waters.  Won’t you be the same for someone who is hurting today? Continue reading Broken Believers

The Passover Cleanse

This Monday I will begin a period of cleansing that I have dubbed the Passover cleanse which as the name suggests is a period of cleansing in preparation for the Passover and Shavuot (Pentecost).  If you haven’t heard about it I’m not surprised, it’s not something associated with any denomination I have come across (except I know that Catholics tend to give something up for Lent), this is something that God first led me to embark on last year and I feel so excited to be entering into this period again this year.  I can’t begin to explain how starting and completing this fast/cleanse blessed me, but I saw many little miracles during that time in my body, soul and spirit which I have carried through until today.  I firmly believe that this year’s cleanse will continue God’s refining and sanctification process and lead me that bit closer to my healing.

Yeshua Jesus fasting in wilderness desert
A time of spiritual cleansing and awareness

 What makes the Passover Cleanse so special?

The Passover Cleanse (PC) focuses on getting rid of leaven in our life (body, soul and spirit) on the outside it looks very much like a yeast elimination diet but I found it to be so much more.  God really used this time to address the leaven that was buried in me (soul and spirit) that was leavening the whole lump; it was an intense period of sanctification.  So many buried truths concerning my perception of myself, relationships and spiritual issues were revealed and God really told me one thing during that time which really changed me “I don’t love myself”.  So few words, but a lifetime’s worth of implication!  And so God led me to understand that I am His Vessel hence the title of this blog.  During that time He also helped me find a new hobby, candle-making which is also part of the healing work I believe He has given to me, so from a personal perspective I know how much good has come about from my obedience to the call to go on the PC. Continue reading The Passover Cleanse

Israel, My Beloved (part 2)

Before watching the videos Below you might want to read my earlier post Israel, My Beloved (part 1) to have an overview on the relationship between Israel and the Church.  I hope that for those of you who are led to, you will find the necessary prayer points to stand beside our sibling (Israel).  I have to thank Abigail for directing me to this amazing video… Bless you my sister.

Israel, My Beloved (Video part 1)

Israel, My Beloved (Video part 2)

Worship music to encourage prayer – when I listen to this song I feel the presence of God’s Spirit so immensely and I am taken to the walls of Jerusalem to intercede on her behalf.

Thank you for taking time to watch these videos may YAH sincerely bless and keep you, b’shem Yeshua (in Jesus’ name).

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Be blessed in Messiah Yeshua

Reflections from Beit-Shalom

100_6751_edited_1Abba…You sent Jethro to Moses to give him wise guidance and good counsel.
You also send people to us to give us wise guidance and good counsel.

Please open our eyes to see who it is that You have put in our lives.
Please give us ears to hear Your wisdom through them.
Please give us open hearts to receive Your instruction.
Please help us to be willing to be obedient to Your call upon our lives.

Help us to remember that we are bought with a price…
that we are both Your servants and Your children…
both Your bondslaves and bride.

Abba, may we stand upon the Messiah…our Rock.
May we stand upon Truth.
May we show it in the way we live.
May we speak it with our words.
May You be glorified in our lives.

May we love You with all of our hearts,
all of our…

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Israel, My Beloved

I grew up in East London (UK not South Africa) just a 15 minute bus ride from a community of Orthodox Jews, my secondary school (Convent type) was smack bang in the middle of the same community so I had quite a bit of exposure to Jewish life.   Even though I could see the Jewish community, it was always from the perspective of an outsider, and even though many of my peers thought their behaviour strange and ridiculous, to me they held a certain type of mystique because they represented a physical connection with the God of the Bible.

As I got older and as I wandered from church to church, denomination to denomination I began to realise that every Christian that i met seemed to have a view about Israel and the Jewish people.  I found that many in mainstream Christianity tended to have a negative perspective of Israel which resulted in subtle signs of anti-Semitism whilst those who were either Jewish Believers or who had adopted the Hebrew roots belief were more likely to have a prideful and almost idolatrous perspective of Israel and ethnic Israel.  As a Messianic Believer I find both of these extremes upsetting, they are definitely not godly emotions or thoughts; but what does God think about Israel and who does He view as being Israel?  The answers to these questions are in the bible but I think we might be surprised by what is revealed and I hope that these answers will change our opinion about Israel and the Jewish people so that we become more aligned with God’s heart. Continue reading Israel, My Beloved