A prayer of Spirit and of Faith – part 1

I have been incredibly blessed through reading the blogs I visit each week, not only do I get to learn about what God is doing in your lives but I also learn new ways to approach challenges and hardships that I may face.

An example of this are a few blog posts I came across in relation to praying in faith.  I wouldn’t say that I’m a fiery prayer warrior so reading these posts really caught my attention, not just because of the testimonies but because of the knowledge and understanding of the battle we are in (more on this later).  I think from that day I made a conscious and unconscious effort to become more purposeful in my prayer life.

Possibly a few days later after forming this conviction my hand fell onto a particular psalm,as I read through it I knew that this psalm would become one of my favourite scriptures.  I see this psalm as a prayer of faith, but most importantly it is a prayer of spirit and of faith.

Faith is not just believing but it’s believing even though it seems really dumb to because all the evidence points in the opposite direction. 

Take my healing for example, I have now reached that stage where I have more or less exhausted all physical routes. Previously I would have been in despair but now I am not simply because I believe that God is more than able to and WILL heal me in His own time.  I said to my hubby, I now understand why Yeshua said “blessed are they who have not seen yet believe” which for me very literally means that those who do not look through their physical eyes but with their spiritual eyes will see God’s truth and know His will concerning them, their life and future and as such this knowledge will bless them and keep them in the day of trouble.

Recall the incident of Elisha and how God sent the invisible host of angels to fight on Israel’s behalf, Elisha could see them but the other prophet could not until his spiritual eyes were opened, until that time he was in despair not knowing what to do because he was looking at the impossibility of the situation from a physical perspective.  When the angel Gabriel visited Zacharias he struck him dumb because he didn’t believe that with God everything IS possible. 

Do you believe that everything is possible with God? I have to confess that prior to and even during this healing journey I have questioned things that seem impossible.  As someone who has taught a science subject I was often hindred by those bains of faith you may know them, logic and probability.  If I heard an impossible sounding testimony I would think of alternative explanations so, I guess that this is a testimony of how God is opening my spiritual eyes more and more because now I say “Praise God for His mercy endures forever!” 

Do you struggle with faith? Do you find yourself looking at the situation and not on God, do you often feel hopeless and in despair? Then most likely than not you are not seeing with your spiritual eyes, when we use our spiritual eyes this acts as a buffer against the ‘physical’ reality of the situation and equips us to be able to stand and walk in faith.  If you are struggling pray for God to open your eyes.

Matthew 11:12 reads:

From the days of Yochanan the baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.

Maybe, you didn’t know this verse or like me you had heard it but paid little attention to it.  Possibly the whole of it is no longer relevant but I do believe that the enemy still uses force and violence to get his way (Ephesians 6:10-12)  which means your destruction.  The bottom line is that if you are not actively wearing God’s armour and wielding that sword of the spirit which is God’s power and authority in you, you are enabling the enemy to destroy you and take your victory.

As I sit here and type (I’m using my phone btw) my body is attacking me but that’s ok I know what I have to say is important and I know that this revelation will liberate someone as it has liberated me. 

Faith is important but it is God who gives and increases our faith but we have the responsibility of protecting and nurturing it and this is where I feel having a strong prayer life is important. 

As I previously mentioned prayer has been something I have struggled with, I didn’t know whether I agreed with the philosophy of casting every demonic entity into the abyss etc. in prayer but, I have stumbled across a psalm that has really changed my understanding of prayer, praying in faith and praying in the spirit which I would like to share with you tomorrow.

Please take the time to read this blog by Ronnie Dauber on faith which has helped me immensely and these two posts which have led me to this revelation by Jose Alvarez and by my faith led life

Many blessings in Yeshua Messiah x

3 thoughts on “A prayer of Spirit and of Faith – part 1

  1. I think our “civilized” (and I use the term very loosely) society really struggles with the seemingly “impossible”. We want things we can see, touch and prove. Yet, G-d seldom works in that realm. He does, but He is the invisible Author behind much of what we see. Those of us who choose to see, do see. Those of us who don’t chose to see, don’t see.

    We are told: Every good act of giving and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father who made the heavenly lights; with him there is neither variation nor darkness caused by turning. (Jas 1:17 CJB)

    We need to believe that!

    1. Thanks for the scripture Abi, we need to believe because God is invisible, if we only believe in what we see then we don’t really believe in God.

      Ps. I took the music off easier then messing with the settings, but when I have more time I will fix it x

      1. Hi, I noticed that it was missing. I really appreciate not having it always on. I am listening to a Shabbat teaching right now and it definitely would not be a good mix. 🙂

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