Prayer Request

This post is a bit unusual for me in that it takes the form of a prayer request and a post (I guess) all in one.  Please read through and if you would join me please pray regarding this issue with me whenever you feel moved to this week.

Beautiful Giftings

Why is it that more often than not it is those who have the most beautiful gifting to minister to others that are held most securely in chains of bondage?

This thought has been on my mind since Sunday because I have a very dear friend who is in such a situation.  My friend who I will call LN, was baptised nearly two years ago and prior to that she had been ministering through her local church choir; her gifting is such that anyone who hears her ministering is moved to tears.  Now, as far as I am aware she no longer attends church and she no longer ministers but she is still singing but this time not for God.  She has been here before and it worries me because I saw how much it changed her behaviour and her attitude towards herself the first time around and hear echoes of it rebounding once more.  My friend has not had an easy life, she has many wounds which I can see are holding her bound.  She needs love and is being held back by fear.

I saw my friend this weekend and heard her sing, she has such a beautiful voice, I am so proud whenever I hear her.  I know that she also has a kind heart and excellent intentions underneath everything, and knowing this I was especially saddened because I know regardless of how beautiful the gifting and how excellent the intention it is not enough to enable us to stand in God’s eyes.

Why do we have to experience so much pain in this life?  Why do we have to carry around so much baggage and damage inside of us?  Why do we have to become lost before we can be found?  Why can’t this life just bruise and hurt us less?

When I think about the human condition I feel so sad, we are all so desperate in our needs and frailties.  We need to be loved and chase after love in all the wrong places.  We need to feel esteemed and look for status in the world.  We need to feel necessary in such an immense creation that we happily live a life bound in chains in order to fulfill this goal.  We all do.  Why?  Why do we try to achieve all of this through our own might and in our own way when all it does is push us further away from the one who can still all our fears and heal all of our wounds?

What God wants from us, what we need for ourselves seems to go against human instinct and understanding.  Our need for self-preservation, love and esteem drives us onwards when God is saying to us, “Stop!”

“Stop striving, stop trying, stop reaching and just let it go.  Give it all over to Me, trust in Me to heal you, to comfort you, to esteem you, to love you; believe that I know best and follow Me.”

So simple yet so hard.

This is a painful love that comes with giving your heart over to God, the type of love that is bittersweet.  Bitter in that it requires change and sacrifice that we may feel too stretched to give, overwhelmed because we may experience more pain than that which we knew whilst we were in the world but…

sweet too.  Sweet because overshadowing all of the above is a love so real and pure that to taste it is to feel your heart-break and heal again in an instant.  An acceptance so complete that you know that you have found your home.  A fullness so heavy that it can only be the weight of God’s glory living and growing within you day-by-day.  This is what I want for my friend, this is what I want for all of us.

Yes, the world may seem like an easier road to walk when we compare it to the sacrifices that God will ask of us to make.  But this world has no meaning and definitely no love except through Him.  I see more clearly my life when I look at my friend, that our fears and our desire to be loved so wholly, intensely and unconditionally is cruelly used by the deceiver to keep us bound in chains.  Today, this week I want to pray against this in my friend’s life, in my life, in your life; join me and pray.

I have written a short prayer and attached a reflective song which follows but please feel free to add your own words, reflections and even any initials you want prayed for.  Please also forward this post to others who may wish to join hands in this.  I would also invite you to read a similar post by my good friend Amy called Love from a Higher Perspective, her post really did speak to me particularly in this situation.

Many Blessings



Dear Father,

Please have mercy on LN and all others joined in this prayer in one accord. Please show us that You are God and that before You there is no other.  Lord God, let us see that You are the Way, the Truth and the Life and that without You all routes lead to death and destruction.

Lord, let us know that You are the Eternal Comforter and Lover of our soul.  That there is no love greater or stronger than the love that You have for Your children.  Lord, I pray that You will fill us up with hope, eternal hope in You which will bring about fruitfulness.

Lord, I pray that You will bear us up in the midst of the storms that we face, so that when all is said and done, we may live and stand to glorify You.

Lord, may it please You to answer this prayer and bring life where there is death.

In Yeshua’s Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.


Living for Your Glory by Tim Hughes

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10 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. It’s a hard road for people when they hear the truth about God and accept what He has done for them and yet they don’t commit their lives to Him. They think that hearing it is enough to give them a good life, but hearing is only the beginning. We need to know deep in our hearts that Jesus really did die on that tree and take away our sins. He really did sacrifice His life for ours and when we get that truth deep inside our hearts we become changed. We don’t have to “try” to live for Him, it just becomes part of our being as we continue to study His Word.

    Many people are like your friend, LN, because they only saw the truth and never let it into their hearts so it could become part of them. Our job as Christians is to make sure that when people “see” the truth we stay with them, encourage them and pray for them and with them until they make that commitment, and then afterwards they become part of our daily prayers so that they will grow strong in the Lord.

    The world is absorbing new Christians with its promises of a good life, fame and success, and these people innocently believe that they can have it all. And it’s not until they face the cold, dark truth through pain or suffering that they realize they’ve been deceived. Praise God that He is gracious to forgive and to restore our lives, our bodies and our minds. Praise God that Jesus never leaves us nor forsakes us.

    Through diligent prayer, LN will be able to see God’s love and come back to Him. And as her friend, you may have to watch her go through tribulation, but in love I know you’ll be there for her when she accepts the truth and commits her life to Him, and then she’ll sing her songs to glorify God.

    I pray that the Lord will bless you with the wisdom and the strength to help your friend so she can see that the Lord is right there waiting for her.

    1. Hi Ronnie,

      thanks so much for your thoughts and wisdom, they mean so much to me. I fully agree with everything that you have said, there is so much twisting of the bible just to get people into church, but there is no discipling!!! In this world where there is so much pain and so little time, we don’t have the luxury to make mistakes and then do a re-do. You are right as Christians, we should walk with and stand by those who are in such a position and if they shut the doors on us physically then we should do so in spirit.

      I really thank and bless you for your comments, maybe today I am feelin uber emotional I don’t know, but your words mean so much to me. I will definitely pray for strength and courage as God knows these are two of my weakest areas, that is one of the reasons why I set this as a prayer request.

      Thank you for your prayerful support and encouragement.

  2. It’s so hard to see people, especially our closest friends and family members, struggle. I tend to want to jump in and fix their hurts, sawing the chains off myself, but I realize that I am powerless to do so. I am praying for a radical transformation for LN’s life. I pray that nothing will compare to Him for her, that she would taste and see that the Lord is good.

    Thank you so much for asking us to pray. If you would like, Soli Deo Gloria has a weekly prayer request list that I send out. Would you like to be on it? If so, send me an email at

  3. It is hard when we see friends and family members turn from God. (I was once there myself, but He brought me back into the fold, praise His name.) Life is filled with difficulties, and when we are Christians, it doesn’t automatically exempt us from trials. In fact, we go through trials in order to mature us and sometimes we find that the more we serve God, the greater the trials.

    Our pastor spoke about this in our sermon last Sunday on the book of James and consequently many turn from God because it seems the trials are lesss when we aren’t serving Him.

    You have written a beautiful prayer and I join in prayer for your friend.


  4. In this hurting world we can feel so helpless when it comes to what to do when a friend falls. But, you have done the very best thing. Pray! Thank you for sharing your concerns for your friend so we can join with you in prayer. Trust God. Love your friend…and continue to pray!


  5. It is so hard when people we love turn away from God. I prayed you prayer at the end for your friend LN. She is very blessed to have a friend like you.
    I am praying that God would bring deep healing to her and that she would find that the unconditional love and acceptance that she is looking for will only be found in Him.

  6. my husband lost his job in june due to illness and our income is my ssi because they cut my sons ssi off and i can only afford to pay my rent and nothing else. everything is about to be cut off and all the places that say they help with bills eigther say they are out of funds or that i have to pay half of my bill and that they will only pay fifty i cant even pay half. If i pay the bills i cant pay the rent and my family will be homeless. I have no where to turn and i am feeling so alone and very stressed i have a four yr old little girl and a twenty yr old son who is mentaly a child still and his check has been cut off without any notice or warning. i cant handel this it’s to much for me to bear.

    1. Dear Sonya,

      I am really very sorry to hear about all the issues that you are facing, I will surely lift you and your family up in prayer. I have just been blessed by a wonderful post here on faith which you may care to read. Do not despair, because God promises that He will never forsake those who trust in Him and that He will contend with those that contend with you. If I may suggest to you, to read as many faith building and anti-fear passages from the bible and say them out loud over and over again. God knows your needs.

      Courage scriptures

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