An Invisible God (poem)

I found a poem I wrote in the first year of my healing journey, I thought it would be nice to share, please let me know your thoughts.

An Invisible God

I have a problem, can You help me please
To understand this reasoning;
That even though I pray and pray,
And often scream but mostly cry
To see your face or hear your voice
When I draw near this battle line.

And even as I face my foe,
And when I’m feeling all alone,
And darkness is as darkness does
And hopelessness knocks at my door.

As I pray for just a taste,
I’m yearning for the sweet embrace
The tender love that comes from You
An Invisible God, a Faithful friend.

But still the question in my mind,
Why are you like the roaming wind,
Which I can feel but cannot see,
The strongest force the softest breeze?

For just one day I long to be,
Allowed to just be with You.
To see Your face and walk with You
To hear Your voice and talk with You.
To find out how to find my way,
To show me how to make it through.

And, when I’m bent ready to break
And screaming for Your sweet embrace
And wondering, “Is this my final breath?”
You send an angel to hold my hand.

A love like Yours won’t be contained,
So now I think I understand…

An Invisible God is everywhere.

“For He knows our frame,
He remembers that we are dust”

Psalm 103: 14

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7 thoughts on “An Invisible God (poem)

  1. Hi Florence:

    Your poem not only causes me to reflect about the omnipresence of God, but serves to remind me that we are to be His hands and feet – reaching out to others in need.

    Thank you so much for sharing this at the Grace Cafe today.


    1. Hi Joan,

      to be honest when i was writing the poem, i was so overwhelmed with the fact that I couldn’t see or feel God in a time when I really eeded Him to be there, but looking back after reading your words I can also see what you mean. Even though I couldn’t actually see or feel Him, He made Himself visble and tangible in so many ways which have made this journey bearable for me.

      It is God’s light in other people and their willingness to be used by Him which makes it possible for people going through crisis to make it through bad days.

      Thanks again for the comment and God keep and bless you.

  2. Last night I was in the dark place, overwhelmed and wanting OUT. BUT- instead I cried out to God saying YOU are my hiding place, my refuge in the storm. I run into your NAME Jesus, your name is a pillar I can lean on. Lord, let me feel your arms around me, comforting me and holding me near.
    Your poem was written from just such a place maybe?
    Like you, a blanket of peace came down on me, and today I feel like I am in the cleft of the rock- the storm may still be raging but I am in His hiding place, and nothing can by any means harm me.
    Thanks for the poem- it is a beautiful gift to be able to write like that- it blesses those of us who have different gifts!!
    God Bless, and may you know His angels all around you whenever you need them..

    1. Thank you so much for your words, it makes me happy to know that others have been blessed by it. Your words are also encouraging and uplifting, I particularly hold fast to this phrase “I run into your NAME Jesus, your name is a pillar I can lean on. Lord, let me feel your arms around me, comforting me and holding me near”

      Yes, when i wrote that poem I was in not such a good place, but God has been faithful when I have lacked faith and courage to go on. He held me in that rock cleft as the storm raged around me and I guess I am still there witnessing the tailend of that storm, I can see light through the darkness now, and I’m trying to take each day as it comes and hold on the freshness in the air and the pure light after the storm that i am sensing. I know i could not have reached this far without Him

      He is good.

      I am glad that you were encouraged by this poem.
      Have a very blessed day and rest in the One who loves you best. Amen.

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