The cost of your health

Many people are willing to give hundreds of pounds to deliverance and healing ministries and even more are willing to spend money on therapies, drugs and herbs reputed to make us feel better.  Although many people are healed in the course of trial and error, some are not, they are left feeling somehow like a failure or a blip in the healing process.  If asked whether we would rather give time, energy or money to get better, I know that most people would prefer to pay for their healing, it doesn’t matter where they receive it from, just as long as they get better!  But after we have forked out the money and possibly received our healing, what next?  What do we do, what have we learnt from the experience?  This is precisely the issue that I faced when I was searching high and low for my healing.

Should we rely on others for our healing?  I don’t think we should, our healing and wellbeing is personal to us, so we need to invest more than money into it!  We give our physical wellbeing over to doctors and the like and our spiritual wellbeing over to pastors and ministers rarely questioning their input, why? Because we somehow believe that they are more qualified than we are to help us and lead us to healing.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I truly feel that Drs, pastors etc. are gifted in a number of ways but let me ask you a question, who truly knows how you feel?  You and God.  This being the case shouldn’t we instead take more responsibility for our own healing and listen more intently to God as He leads us through this journey?

We often hear about positive and negative health behaviours, if we were to place them on a scale we would most probably be guilty of exhibiting more negative than positive health behaviours!  Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of wanting to get better?  I know that I am often guilty of this.  This reminds me of the parable of the talents, in this case our health and wellbeing is our talent.  How can we expect to increase our talent when we are not investing in it?  How can we expect to even grow spiritually when we are a decaying temple?  It seems to me we have gotten too used to the idea of a quick fix, we would rather offer a gift to the nearest deliverance ministry who promises us healing, than seek the will of the Lord in our time of need.

Even as I myself am still trying to live out this investment, I pray that you will also find the strength to invest time and energy into you.


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4 thoughts on “The cost of your health

  1. Hi Florence:

    I love the title of your blog, a Vessel of God. I have been praying that He will pour into me, His vessel.

    While I thank God for physicians, I am so grateful for the Great Physician without whom no healing would be possible.

    Thank you for sharing at the Grace Cafe today.

    1. Amen. I truly believe if we open up ourselves to Him He will fill us up, indeed He is ready and waiting with His oil jar ready to fill us up until we overflow. The Lord gave me this vision a few days ago that i would like to share with you, it was of someone holding up a cup and the LORd stood above with a jar pouring oil into the cup and the cup was overflowing but He would not stop. I aksed God what it meant and He said it was His Holy Spirit being poured into His vessel, and the oil spills out to touch everybody around us. I do know that we have to be open to be used in such a way and as you have prayed it and earnestly seek it so He has promised to grant us our desire in accordance with His will.

      He annoints my head with oil and my cup overflows.

  2. Sometimes we are healed physically, but unfortunately, sometimes we aren’t. Only God knows why this is, for He sees the bigger picture. However, it is the healing of our heart and our soul that is the most precious to our Father. I am so thankful for His healing hand on my life. For without Him, I would be lost.

    Blessings, Joan

    1. Hi Joan and thanks for the comment, you are right God cares infinitely more about our soul being healed, but He also does care about us walking in physical wellness. He may not always restore us to physical splendour but He does not want us to live a life that is less than abundant in every way, I truly believe this is His goal and as I embrace this fact it makes me open to the fact that God can do more than what i can imagine possible. I have already seen magnificent changes in me since the beginning of this healing journey 3 years ago, from being suicidal and absolutely believing that i was cursed, a mistake and somehow being punished for something to absolute assurance of the love of God and His will to do good for me.

      I had a symptom relapse the other day after feeling nearly normal for a month (this is good for me!) and when it came about I really did not know how to make myself feel better. This revealed something to me, that my increased wellness was simply because God had wrought changes in me that enabled me to listen to and obey Him more readily, I became aware that if I wanted to re-experience any level of wellbeing again that all I could really do is try to listen for His voice and follow where He leads.

      I know healing is a somewhat controversial topic and I am not saying at all that people who are not healed physically are lacking in any way, what I am saying is that what happens on the inside will be reflected in the physical. There are people who are physically unwell but who are overflowing with the Holy spirit and are happyu, they are living abundantly. There are people in fantastic physical health who are dying inside (like I was) they are not living an abundant life. What i am saying in this article/post is that for people who are looking for healing of any kind, they tend to leave it to third parties to somehow make them better, if we are not personally involved, interested and investing in our wellbeing if we are not somehow looking to God to personally intervene for us and learning to rely on Him how will we ever move forward?

      Sorry for the ramble, I guess it is one of those days, but I’m really happy that you have felt God’s healing hand in your life.

      God Bless you Joan and thanks again for your comment.

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