Water – an aid to life.

Before I start this article today, I just want to say thank you for the lovely messages that I received after writing the last post, you’re support means so much to me.

Thank you.

Water, also known as ‘aqua vitae’ or ‘Water of Life’ is mentioned over 700 times in the Bible.  It is linked to creation, healing, cleansing, chaos and death, it is not still or controllable but alive and volatile.  According to medical experts the Human Body is made up of 55-75% of water, without water our bodies would shrivel up and we would eventually die.  If water is used naturally and symbolically within the bible and is so important to us on a physical level now, why do we struggle so much to drink of it?

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Over the last 2 weeks, I have been making it my ‘habititude’ to drink at least 1 litre of pure water a day, on somedays I can even get up to 1.5 litres but on others it’s still a struggle.  And, as i’ve been striving to drink more water I have noticed some very positive results in my overall health and well-being.  For example, I feel more energetic, more mentally proficient and best of all my horrible physical symptoms have resided somewhat.  Praise God, could it all be as simple as drinking more water?  I really don’t know, but apart from having to go to the toilet three or four times a night I can’t really see any negatives with upping my water intake!

Water therapy or Hydrotherapy has been an intrinsic routine of man’s life as documented in ancient semetic texts, the use of water for cleansing and healing is also seen widely in the Bible yet in today’s modern time we rarely pay it any mind.  I have come across many websites that contain testimonials of people suffering from a range of illnesses and these illnesses have been alleviated or cured just by drinking more fresh water.  I can’t help thinking that instead of forking out many on chemicals to pump into our body, maybe we should just go back to basics and try drinking more water.

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If you like me, struggle with drinking water here are some handy tips which have been suggested by water drinking advocates:

  1. Keep a carafe of fresh water beside your bed and drink at least 2 cups as soon as you wake up.  This apparently activates your thirst centres, and makes you want to drink more water throughout the day.  I have tried this and it works for me, after around half an hour you will also feel a need to release your bowels, this is great for detoxing.
  2. Drink warmish water instead of cold water, and add a squeeze of lemon, lime or a tablespoon or two of freshly squeezed fruit juice.
  3. Carry a large bottle of water around with you every day so you can monitor how much you are actually drinking.
  4. Drink bottled water over tap, filtered and boiled water.

Hmmm….. this all sounds like good advice to me.

Wishing you the best on your healing journey.




Is all well with my soul?

London riots

I know that I am praying for physical healing, but can you ever be well in your body without being well in your soul?  All the riot and the looting that have happened in London during the last few days has had a profound impact on how I perceive myself and where I am in the journey with the Lord.  The rioting has personally affected me in that it has prevented me from living normally during the last few days, outside of the constant sound of police car and ambulance wailing, helicopters flying overhead and the shout of youths in the street many of the things that we take for granted such as buying our grocery has been very difficult.  On Monday, I went out around 6 PM to do some grocery shopping, I got on the overground to take me to the shopping centre.  On arriving at the shopping centre I was met by people telling me that the super market had been closed due to a riot in the nearby district of Lewisham, I got back on the train as I thought I would have better luck at Whitechapel.  On reaching Whitechapel, I was met by a notice on the door of the local supermarket saying that the store had been closed due to the rioting. Continue reading Is all well with my soul?

Cramp Fasciculation Syndrome an autoimmune story

*** This post has been updated, please see the notice at the end.  Thank you***

The last week or so has been an immense struggle for me, recovering from the flu has affected me more than I realised which makes me think that my health condition is immune-related.  I actually did not want to write about this today, I wished I could be more positive and give more upbeat advice but the truth is that I have good days and very bad days and coming down with the flu has seemed to exaggerate my symptoms ten-fold.

So what exactly is wrong with me, then?  Well, to be honest no one actually knows but I have been given varying diagnoses and I have chosen the one which seems to reflect my symptoms the most.  According to a Neurologist at St. Bart’s London I have a ‘minor’ form of Peripheral Nerve Hyperexciatability disease called Cramp Fasciculation Syndrome or Benign Fasciculation Syndrome, you can find out more information about the symptoms of CFS here and here.

I accept the fact now that Cramp fasciculation Syndrome may be an auto-immune disorder because of the huge spike in my symptoms prior, during and after coming down with the flu.  I also often experience a worsening of symptoms just coming up to menstruation and wonder how this could be linked in to the immune response, some experts argue that PMS (pre-menstrual stress) can create a vulnerability in the immune system due to the change in hormones and the build up of toxins ready for release.  This does make some sense to me because my symptoms tend to subside going into menstruation.

I also notice that stress in general aggravates my symptoms and this may also explain why I feel so much worse pre-menstruation and when I am feeling ill.  There is much to be said about the negative effects of stress on our overall well-being, chronic stress has been found to suppress the immune system which in turn can give rise to a number of modern day illnesses that we experience such as cancer and auto-immune illnesses.

So the question for me is two-fold.  What do I do now to alleviate my symptoms and how do I keep on trusting and relying on God when my body wants to play up?  If you’ve researched a little about Cramp fasciculation Syndrome, you’ve probably found that there are different types of pharmaceuticals available to try to suppress or manage the symptoms, back in the day prior to God’s revelation concerning my body being His vessel I was prescribed something to enable me to sleep, but it worked short-term, in the long-term I experienced some negative side-effects.  So I am very adamant on trying to deal with Cramp Fasciculation Syndrome or whatever it is naturally.  I have tried a number of natural supplements including a Spice supplement which cured a previous patient of CFS but it didn’t work for me, I have prayed about this extensively that God will open my eyes to see, my ears to hear and my heart to understand His desire for me in this journey.  I have a few things which I currently do now but will post about them at a later date.

I do believe that God will heal me and this is part of my affirmation, (read the First day of my life) but I really do need the prayer and support of my brothers and sisters in faith to get me through this time.  Hopefully, next time I blog I will have something more upbeat and positive to say.

Update August 2014.

It has taken 6 years to be diagnosed with peripheral nerve hyperexcitability disorder (PNH) and to find out that it is actually an autoimmune condition.  During this time I have learnt how to manage this illness without any drugs and have had some fantastic days being symptom free as well as some rough days, mostly I operate at a 7 out of 10 – I am aiming for 9 by the end of the year.  I have been prescribed anti-epileptics, however since receiving them a couple of months ago I have probably only taken 5, mainly because I would rather not take medication and secondly I am able to do well in the most part without them.  I use diet, natural supplements/herbs and faith medicine to support and heal my body.  Please visit my CFS page to find out my top tips for kicking CFS/PNH where it hurts.

Update February 2017

Since my last update I am happy to say that apart from the sweating symptoms the fasciculations are mostly gone or not noticeable unless I am stressed in some way. I rarely take my medication and when I do it’s usually the minimum or close to minimum dose and that’s only if I am pretty stressed through not being good with my diet (gluten, corn, dairy, chocolate) or have fallen ill but, saying that, I caught a cold this week and I have had very little if any symptoms at all! I take this as a sign my immune system  is settling down and healing and I truly thank God for that.

I share this with you to encourage you and give you hope, when I first started my healing journey I didn’t believe that I could be where I am today. But today I DO BELIEVE and I believe that there is even more to come.  I would focus on building up your belief around healing as that will take your mind off your body and allow it to begin it’s healing process.  I don’t know if you are a man of faith but my trust in the goodness of God has been so important in decreasing my stress load and allowing me to heal.