(sticky post)!!!The first day of my new life…?

When I told my husband Eke on Monday that it was the first day of my new life, his eyebrow rose as if to say “really, again?” and I was quick to explain that although I had other ‘first days’, that this day marked the first day of this era of my life just like the others had marked the entrance of transition in times past.  Monday the 25th of July 2011 was different because I woke up with the sensation that something fantastic was about to happen in my life based on God’s revelation and my acceptance that I am His own vessel, set aside for good works!  There seemed to be an extra brightness about the day, an increased clarity that made me feel alive in the Holy Spirit; I knew on that day, that was the day that I would write my affirmation.

What is an affirmation?  I hear you say.  Continue reading (sticky post)!!!The first day of my new life…?